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    Educational Fun at the GAP Farm


    The Davao Uptown Tour taught me a lot. Well, all trips are teaching me many things. But our 2nd stop was very different – a wonderful journey of learning, fun and of course, eating!

    This huge concrete statue of a farmer riding on a carabao welcome visitors to GAP Farm | Photo by Kitty Purry

    GAP Farm is perfect for a family day and educational field trip. The restaurant and the picnic areas are at the shade of trees and fruits like rambutan, marang, mangoes and mangosteen. There are swimming pool, playground and different educational spots. The restaurant serves good food that hovers in a “hacienda” sort of way.

    The huge concrete letters of “The Land of Promise” lying on the trimmed grass on a sloping hill | Photo by Susing Tinapay

    Always a popular destination, families on a day out will jump on board for a fun ride on a “cangga” and a horse ride, it is an activity not to miss. Another attraction is the cave tunnels with a statue of snake and a glass-enclosed effigy supposedly for a Japanese soldier.

    There are plenty of other activities for visitors at this popular visitor attraction. Children can follow the parade of the Philippine Presidents and Filipino heroes, animals and people from different tribes.

    Another come-on is the statue collection of Philippine popular mystic spirit creatures dubbed as “Conferencia ng mga Multo” or Ghosts’ Conference. Visitors are greeted by statues of popular Filipino ghosts and monsters like the white lady, “tikbalang” (half man-half horse), “kapre” (smoking giant), among others.

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    Here are a few photos that we managed to take during our very brief stint in GAP.

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