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    United Pinoy Bloggers at Matina Town Square


    It was Friday night, I went to Matina Town Square to meet a couple of awesome United Pinoy Bloggers from Luzon and Visayas. So it was quite exciting to meet completely new bloggers aside from my Davao blog-mates of course.

    The United Pinoy Bloggers | Photo by Mark Salvador

    What an unexpected, but completely welcomed, surprise! Not to mention I’m from Davao and they’re from Manila, Cebu and San Carlos. Lol. It was a little hard to talk over the table  so I did not really get to speak to everyone as much as I wanted to, but it was still good fun! There were funny moments here and there! It was great to be able to laugh, take photos and joke around with other bloggers!

    Although it was slightly awkward at first, I can’t wait for more and more events to be planned out so I can meet these cool bloggers again (and hopefully in Cebu or Manila) ! So thank you guys for coming in Davao and making it such a fun night! Anyway, definitely go check out each of their blogs (they might blog about their visit here in Davao!)

    Bloggers who came: Otep, Jhiegzh, Leah, Mark, Will, Bernard, Marvin, Joel, Xprosaic and my fellow Davao blogger, CJ.

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