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Skechers GOrun launches mid-foot strike running clinic in Davao City


After a series of successful Running Essentials clinics in Metro Manila and in Cebu, Skechers mounted its Davao City leg last month featuring Skechers’ Fitness Ambassador, ultramarathoner and fitness coach Michelle Estuar.

The running clinic was held at the Activity Center of Abreeza Mall last August 24, 2012, from 6:00pm to 8:30pm, which saw the participation of over a hundred avid new and veteran Davaoeño running enthusiasts.

Skechers Fitness Ambassador, Michelle Estuar, and her team of ultrarunners led the free clinic with the aim of teaching runners proper running technique particularly mid-foot striking.

According to Estuar, “observing good running techniques is extremely important for every runner. These techniques allow runners to enjoy every run as they are able to improve their overall performance and lessen injuries that will keep them off the road.”

Estuar also shared some of the most important techniques that runners should remember. Below are helpful tips that beginner and professional runners should keep in mind to enjoy a great run:

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Warm up, cool down and stretch – Before and after the start of any run, be sure to engage in warm-up exercises. If muscles are properly warmed up, the strain on muscles, tendons, and joints is reduced. A combination of sustained and steady stretches, not forced, is perfect to help loosen the muscles.

Check your upper body – Make sure to maintain good posture while running by keeping your shoulders back and down and keeping your body upright. A good posture enables the lungs to expand fully and in turn, allows you to breathe deeply.

Be aware of your breathing- Whether you’re a leisure or professional runner, proper breathing can have a significant effect on your performance. Relaxation breathing can help a runner because this type of controlled breathing eases muscle tension, helps your limbs move smoother and increases the oxygen your muscles get.

Check your leg and foot striking technique – A common mistake among runners is to heel strike. Such style of running is not only inefficient, but generates sudden and large impact, which in the long run affects the knees and muscles. Therefore, runners must gradually adapt to mid-foot striking.

To help runners easily transition from heel striking to mid-foot striking, they can now lace up a pair of Skechers GOrun – a new minimalistic lightweight shoe line that integrates the revolutionary mid-foot strike technology. Skechers GOrun’s mid-foot strike technology is designed to enhance the natural running performance of runners by positioning the body for an efficient mid-foot strike so that you could run faster, stronger and longer.

By keeping these basic tips in mind and sporting on a pair of Skechers GOrun, runners can definitely feel the big difference in their performance. The Running Essentials clinic is sponsored by 100 Plus and Vitamilk, with media partners Juice.ph, Takbo.ph, and other running blogger friends.

To get updates on upcoming Running Essentials events, check out www.facebook.com/SkechersFitnessPhilippines. For more information on Skechers GO Run, visit www.skechers.com.ph/gorun or simply drop by the Skechers stores at 2nd Level, Gaisano Mall and Ground floor, Abreeza Mall in Davao City.

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