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    Globe launches new faces on Twitter’s @Talk2Globe


    As part of its commitment to deliver superior customer experience to complement its modernized network, Globe Telecom has beefed up its online customer support with the launch of eighteen new online specialists who will engage customers via Twitter @Talk2GLOBE, operating 24/7.

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    Nowadays, customers turn to social media like Twitter to air their concerns. This is why Globe wants to be where the customers are, responding fast to any cry for help even if they don’t go directly to them. Globe Customer Experience Management Head Chris Lipman highlights, “We are committed to reach out to the customers in a personal way, where we can be honest about our products and services, and ultimately provide seamless engagement.”


    The eighteen online specialists are @KenOfGlobe, @AntheaOfGlobe, @JenOfGlobe, @DeniseOfGlobe, @PeejOfGlobe, @NelskiOfGlobe, @AnneOfGlobe, @JoyceOfGlobe, @MariaOfGlobe, @RandyOfGlobe, @RolandOfGlobe, @EmilyOfGlobe, @ChrisOfGlobe, @StephOfGlobe, @MJOfGlobe, @JohnOfGlobe, @IanOfGlobe, and @DeyOfGlobe. Official accounts are listed at http://www.globe.com.ph/contactus.


    “We are continuously improving our Talk2Globe service to humanize the experience of consumers and build relationships that matter. As long as you’re with Globe, we guarantee our top efforts to make you happy,” Lipman said.

    In addition to @Talk2GLOBE on Twitter, other online customer channels include a chat service available on the Globe website at www.globe.com.ph/talk2Globe or via Yahoo! Messenger by adding ‘Talk2GLOBECHAT’ as YM buddy.  Subscribers can also request for support through SMS by simply texting HELP to 1234 for free.

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