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    Davao Eagle Online offers heart warming and practical advises thru Ask Mom, Ask Son


    Are you down lately? Experiencing problems and conflicts in life? Do you see your self in a crossroad in your life and are confused which road to take? do you feel that you have no one else to turn to and ask for advise?… Worry no more!

    Davao Eagle Online has the best people to give you some heart warming and practical advises to help you learn how to carry the burden in your shoulders and finally see the light to your rightful path…Send your letters to emaildavaoeagle@gmail.com …and “Mom and Son” will give an insight on how you can resolve your problems.”

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    Hi, I am Richard Diongson, a lifestyle blogger from the Philippines. I love travelling to different places, trying out different food every now and then. I love social events like gathering of bloggers, themed parties, showbiz personalities gathering, and the like. Four (4) Interesting (little-known) facts about me: A. It may not show but I love farm living. In fact I have farm back in the province. B. I am single. lol C. I don't know how to ride a motorcycle yet but I am very excited to learn now that I have decided to buy a new one. D. I am writer and a social media influencer. Pet Peeves: A. I really find bullying annoying and unacceptable. It is just not right. B. I hate people who don't show up during a scheduled meeting/appointment whether in or out of work. C. People who "get cheap on me".