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    Davao Eagle Online hits 1 fruitful year


    We soared high and went to places nobody ever dared to go beyond before. Davao Eagle Online is about to land in its first year it was awesome flight for all the Davaoenos who went in the journey with us. One great year and still counting! I guess it’s the perfect time to look back our humble little beginning.

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    Davaoeagle.com started last April of 2012 as a blog site that promotes Davao City including its events, places, and news and a whole lot more.  Well actually, DEO also aimed to promote the people from Davao because, as we all know, Davao City is filled with gorgeous faces. That’s why also at the same month, DEO launched the first batch of Top 100 Faces of Davao. It’s an online voting contest held every month to come up with the Top 12 Finalist that will compose the 100 of Davao’s most beautiful. Top 100 Faces doesn’t only focuses on the physical beauty but somehow appreciates the talents of Davaoenos.

    Apparently, DEO gained a lot viewers and fans because of the contest.  Sponsors from different business establishments flee in as well to support the group. This includes Pacific Spa, Zuda Spa, Sound-track Recording Studio, Aero-Tour Services, TGIFridays, Thirsty Fresh Juices and Shakes, Lazada Philippines, Ellesse Italia, La Vida Orchard Resort and counting.

    And because DEO promotes the talents and skills of Davaoenos, we also paired up with the most talented photographers to capture the beauties of our Top 100 Faces in still photos. Namely they are Patet Fermin of Sweet Pateto Project, JonSum Photographia, and Brian Dexter Medija of Dexterity. With their keen eyes and fantastic lenses, every moment was worth framing.

    And who would forget all the events that DEO organized? I dare you not to. Hands up if you were present with us during the Fashion Exposure of the Icon+ project with Association of Creative Artists inc. Or did you scream seeing the Cute Boys of Davao during “Versus” together with the Exodus Talent Centre? I’m sure you did. Or how about during the Fashion show at Royal House Inn and Travel. But surely, it was never a secret that you attended lastly the October’s Secret: A Fashion Prophecy with En Bloc Entertainment production.  DEO literally soared high together with Aero-Tour services.

    DEO also attended Davao Bloggers events including the Pasasalamat Concert with Sarah Geronimo during SM Lanang Premier opening.  DEO also had the chance to meet Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao bloggers through the United Pinoy Bloggers.

    Well guess it’s safe to say that Davao Eagle Online is one of the most successful blog sites in Davao City. Our fan page has the most likes and our blog has the most number of views.  We are even consistent in topping the list in topblogs.com.ph.  DEO is not a typical blog site that writes online but also extending its services offline.

    It was awesome and jam-packed year for us and we are sure that the following years will be as fantastic as this one. We are looking forward for another year filled with new people, events and features. Thank you for being a part of our success.