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    Fashion Meets Comfort


    Sanuk’s Spring 2013 is every fashionista’s dream come true – with its cute, trendy, and classy pieces that promise relief in every step!


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    With spring comes warmth and invigoration – a season that calls for lightness, brightness, and all things au natural. Heeding to the call of comfort and zesty fashion, Sanuk has concocted a new kind of awesomeness for its spring 2013 collection.


    Introducing its Pure Sanuk campaign, your well-beloved footwear brand happily presents a variety of styles that feature fresh, playful designs and quirky details that promise not only comfort but also impeccable fashion.


    New bohemia is one of 2013’s biggest spring trends. Contrary to its style predecessors, this revamped version is characterized by a more subdued and toned down aesthetic yet without losing that air of nonchalance and penchant for nature.


    Totally apt for the season and abreast with trends, Sanuk presents a collection that is rooted in this style direction – offering a selection of nouveau bohemian-inspired footwear. Moreover, Sanuk has infused a hint of different trends in each footwear style – assuring any stylephile not only comfort but also versatility.


    First up is the Cabrio breeze which is a pair of rugged canvas slip-ons that feature sneaker soles. Also sharing the same design element of the sneaker-like sole is the Standard Boho. The sneaker trend has been a big hit since the previous seasons. Sneakers and rubber-soled footwear have definitely made a forceful comeback in high fashion not only because of their comfort but also for adding a quick and easy hint of street style coolness to any outfit.


    To carry on with the well-loved the menswear trend going around in catwalks and fashion editorial pages, Sanuk cooks up a couple of unisex footwear styles for that pretty prep school look. Sanuk’s Castaway and Rasta Brisbane feature a loafer silhouette without the unnecessary heavy feel and stiffness. Both canvas slip-ons are utterly comfortable and available in easy-to-match, deep neutral tones. The shoes feature a masculine design that will top off any androgynous attire or preppy outfit.


    Fashion forecasts declare traditional and classy as season mainstays. So Sanuk did not forget to throw in closet staples that will never go out of style. Ballet flats are go-to footwear in times of fashion crisis or outfit dilemma. Sanuk’s Trippy Toes is more than happy to play the part with its ballet flats design and cushiony feel. The flats are available in a variety of hues that one can play up with their looks.


    All the rage for the past few fashion seasons and up to this very day are prints. No longer confined in clothing and accessories, the print trend’s knock-out attitude has trickled down to footwear. Sanuk gobbles down the hype and comes up with its own take on prints.


    For a quirky contrast, Shorty Wrapped features a plain canvas slip-on atop a unique printed sole. This item is perfect for those who are still testing the waters when it comes to printed footwear because the prints are visible but refined.


    Those who are not afraid of taking risks can head out and flaunt the Standard Poncho, which are ultra comfy slip-ons that feature a printed canvas design. The canvas features ethnic and tribal patterns that add an instant bohemian feel to any outfit.


    Not one to skimp out on glitz, Sanuk adds a touch of whimsy to its collection. For night-outs or days that need a pick-me-upper, Ohm My will instantly take one’s outfit to another level. These metallic slip-ons are not only glamorous but super comfortable as well with its yoga-mat soles.


    After a long tiring week, the feet needs to rest. But who says one can’t unwind in style? Sanuk offers sandals that are no-less than stylish and infused with ergonomic constructions. The Yoga Sling feature printed straps that will rub on your feet comfortably like no other. Not only are they fashion-forward but are supportive and light. If you prefer flip-flops, go for Sanuk’s elegant take on slippers with the Yoga Spree. Sturdy, soft, and squishy, these babies are long lasting and great for long walks.


    Sanuk’s spring 2013 collection presents a great variety of designs that are fresh, new, and fashionable. Proving that it is not only great at giving comfort, Sanuk offers pieces that feature hot fashion elements and trendy designs. The well-loved footwear brand makes it a point to course through middle path by infusing current trends while still maintaining a timeless design philosophy, not to mention its trademark promise of comfort – making Sanuk the all-around fashion footwear!