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    Davao’s Top Teen Icons 1st Poll Update


    Angelica Gwenn Guerrero and Ching Garay are currently leading the online poll of “Davao Eagle’s Top Teen Icons.” Check out our day 1 ranking!


    The Cosplay Empress Angelica Gwenn Guerrero is currently leading the Online poll of DE’s Top Teen Icons with total votes of 68 votes. The Universal Chic Ching Garay is running in second position while The Alluring Chic Princess Asturias gets a strong showing at third.

    Capturing fourth and fifth places are Keeno Valdez and Mar Israel Torrefranca, respectively.

    Here are the current Top 10 in the online poll of “DE’s Top Teen Icons? as of 4:00am, November 12, 2013:

    1. Angelica Gwenn Guerrero: The Cosplay Empress – 68 votes
    2. Ching Garay: The Universal Chic – 65 votes
    3. Princess Asturias: The Alluring Chic – 58 votes
    4. Keeno Valdez: Innocent Head-Turner – 56 votes
    5. Mar Israel Torrefranca: The Chivalrous Knight – 37 votes
    6. Patricia Monique Villanueva: The Fierce Independent Lady – 33 votes
    7. Mary Andrea Leyson: Fine Young Chinita – 23 votes
    8. Stephanie Joy Martin: The Alluring and Charming – 19 votes
    8. Honnedale Ferrer: The Modest Sweetheart – 19 votes
    9. Dewanie Kim Catapang: Truly Sugar and Spice – 17 votes
    10. Jessica Anna Marie Bonney: The Sweetheart – 16 votes



    1. Go to DE’s Top Teen Icons Voting Page or go directly to the profile of your chosen Teen Icon.

    2. Follow DE’s twitter account/share/tweet or like first the Davao Eagle Online FB Page to unlock the popout screen. Other options includes Pinterest and Google Plus.

    3. Vote by clicking the heart button located at the bottom part of the candidate’s profile.
    1 heart = 1 vote

    To fast-track to the voting page, click below:


    4. The Online Poll will end 11:59pm of December 14, 2013.