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    Davao Eagle Online’s Top Teen Icons No.4: Mar Israel Torrefranca


    Your likes have been cast and now Davao Eagle Online Top 15 Teen Icons has tallied all votes from the 100 finalists.

    We know it takes an astounding lot to rally behind the icons you deem worthy of inclusion in this list. And that’s when you strive to make the amazing happen by enthusiastically voting for your idols. That’s putting in the effort.

    As the voting closed at midnight on January 10, 2014, The Chivalrous Knight Mark Israel Torrefranca assumed the 4th spot. He garnered a total of 213 votes.


    mar 4


    Mar Israel Torrefranca, or simply Mar as we call him is a simple humble guy. he is from Catalunan and is taking up B.S. Criminology in Holy Cross of Davao College. Like most Piscean, he is often the center of attention and life of the party because of his natural joyful and positive charisma. He is also business minded and has quite a savings as well since he is an active Up-line in one of the most sought after Multi-level marketing business here in the region.

    Mar, might not be the typical handsome good looking guy that people tend to see in showbiz but he has this attitude of a chivalrous knight and has such a wonderful positive outlook towards life. He often post positive quotes in his Facebook timeline and often share his knowledge and blessings readily to most people who needs help and guidance. He makes sure that he influence others positively by showing them kindness and unconditional love without sacrificing being a funny and jolly person which makes him admirable and cool at the same time.

    Mar is a dare devil in a sense that he loves adventure, and he is one of the popular BMX Bike exhibitionist in Davao, that’s also the reason why he has such a nice lean muscular physique that makes every ladies heart beat fast…

    Mar may not be the handsome hunk that most people would like to see on camera.. but once he flashes his smile.. he will surely take your breath away…

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