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    Davao Eagle Online’s Top Teen Icons No.6: Ching Garay


    Your likes have been cast and now Davao Eagle Online Top 15 Teen Icons has tallied all votes from the 100 finalists.

    We know it takes an astounding lot to rally behind the icons you deem worthy of inclusion in this list. And that’s when you strive to make the amazing happen by enthusiastically voting for your idols. That’s putting in the effort.


    ching 1


    As the voting closed at midnight on January 10, 2014, The Universal Chic Ching Garay assumed the 6th spot. He garnered a total of 114 votes.

    A tangle web of oxymoron, she is Ching. A fine mess, a casual chick, a devilish angel; somehow, once you’ve met her, one can never imagine a life without her. She leaves an imprint that nobody can shake off, an impact that you can’t help but admire. A strong personality, a curious mind and a compassionate heart, she is without a doubt, unique on her own.

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