“Food is music to the body; music is food to the heart.” —Gregory David Roberts, Australian Novelist

If you are in Cebu and you like music the way I do, The Outpost resto bar is the most ideal place for you. Many people would just want to go out to the beach, or get a massage to unwind and relax from the stressful environment at work, school, or even at home. Well, not for me because Music is my best buddy, and I am a self-confessed foodie. I only have few hobbies and I always put myself in each of them. Music and Food is a match made in heaven for me.


Celebrating Music

I went to Cebu with the Davao Eagle Online team, and we were invited to visit a resto bar where local bands of different genres gather and perform freely on the same stage. The place was a HOT SPOT in the city as people of different ages (legal age) go there to unwind, listen to original and mainstream music, eat, and enjoy. At the moment we arrived we noticed that there were a lot of people, even when the weather seemed to oppose the gathering of souls in the celebration of music. We then noticed that it was a special night because of an anniversary party for one of the city’s local bands, the 3 Seconds Notice, popularly known as “3SN.”

3SN anniv

It was a great timing because we got to witness the performances of different bands, such as, Annulled by Nature, Reunify Arma, Neo Asylum, Spanghew, and more; playing their own original songs. The band that really marked in our minds was Annulled by Nature, who blew us away with their unique and fun performance. Unfortunately, we were not able to see 3SN perform on the main event because we had to go back to our hotel for an early adventure in the next morning. One thing I highly admired about the place was they give underground bands a chance to be heard by featuring them at their popular place. They in fact have a schedule for each week’s gigs, and for those who love to jam and grab the mic, they have an Open Mic session on Tuesdays! The Outpost indeed has the heart for young aspiring artists in Cebu.


Food & Service

If food is music to the body, and music is food to the heart, then certainly all customers of The Outpost goes home with their tummies full of energizing groove of delicious dishes, and a delighted heart. Why? Well, you already have an idea of how they offer music; and to complete the recipe, let me give you a picture of what makes this restaurant unique from others.


It was my first time to taste Spanish sardines pizza, and I would say, that was one of the best pizza recipes I ever tasted in my entire life. Their Chicken BBQ pizza was also the best!! In fact, we finished everything including the Fish Rock and Roll and the thin crust pizza. The staff was very accommodating, and assisted us all the way.



The People Behind The Scene

The restaurant’s Operations Manager, Ms. Marina Codino, sat with us and shared some information about The Outpost. She is one of the managing partners of the owner, Mr. Miguel Jimenez who was not available that time because of a prior commitment. Though, Ms. Marina was very generous and she made us feel welcomed. Honestly, she was not that young for a resto bar manager, but she really surprised us with her dedication to the business. There were metal rock bands, and most of the lyrics were not of the usual, and she still manages to take care of everything like she’s at the same age. She really rocks! We learned that the company just recently acquired the place from its previous owner as Migs realized that it was too famous to shut down. Now, The Outpost is getting more attention from local and international tourists.

With Ms. Marina Codino (on the right), The Outpost OPerations Manager
With Ms. Marina Codino (on the right), The Outpost Operations Manager


Because of their young, creative minds and to express their gratitude, the management is now offering Loyalty Cards to their supportive customers. Read the mechanics below. They will also be serving lunch soon!

  • Complete five buckets-of-6, get one bucket-of-6 for FREE!
  • Complete ten buckets-of-6, get one bucket-of-6 and a new Pica-pica for FREE!
  • Card is valid for 3 months from the first bucket


Loyalty Card


The Milieu

Aside from the food and music, The Outpost also has an edge when it comes to the atmosphere. We noticed that the place was like a real police outpost because of its office-like, homey ambiance. It shows on their logo, which says, “Life is Adventure.” It means, having fun and adventure while feeling at home! We also spotted an interesting part of the restaurant. Their comfort rooms were surprisingly bizzare because of their unique decoration and style. See for yourself in the images below.


Yes, as you can see in the men’s CR, they have wall pictures of women that seem to have a peek on urinating men!! Their urinal bowls were artistically furnished with skimboards on each side for privacy! Ironic, isn’t it? LOL 😀

Another thing that amazed us was that the chairs in the other part of the resto were made of skateboards!!! We also took pictures of a vintage bicycle turned into two big round mirrors outside the comfort rooms. The Mirror Bike.


The Mirror Bike 2


There are a lot of exciting things you need to discover at The Outpost, so if you travel to Cebu, make sure to visit the place and make your own unforgettable experiences with your friends and loved ones!

Oh! By the way, to those who are near the place, you can go and party with Moonpools and Caterpillars, a Filipino-American rock band based in California, as they conquer Cebu at The Outpost Resto Bar on April 9, 2014! You may call them for reservations and inquiries.



The Outpost

Veterans’ Drive, Lahug, 6000 Cebu City

Phone number: (032) 417 2088

Business Hours: 6pm – 2am, Friday & Saturday : 6pm – 3am