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    Revealing Bani Falls, the Mindanao’s Secret Jewel


    Madayaw” explores the north most falls in Mindanao region and Embrace the Charm of the green valley of Arakan, the Bani Falls!




    “How many of us have actually visited the Island Mindanao? Well enough to know that we have quite a treasure of place, blessed with nature’s gift, just sitting right under our ears and eyes?”


    There’s something about getting out in nature with the CHALLENGE of CAPTURING some of the wonderful beauty that I see. Perhaps it fits with my personality type – but I loved the gentleness and quietness of waiting for the perfect moment for the shot, scoping out an area for the best position point and then bearing in mind the way that the light changed a scene over a few hours will TELL.




    There is so much beauty and destinations our motherland has to offer to its own people and to the world. A lot of times, we take this for granted, although certainly there’s nothing wrong if we want to explore places outside our own as long as … TARA NA!


    An estimated (3½) three and half hours travel time by a vehicle following from Tagum City-Davao City to via Buda Road to reached Sitio Inamong, Barangay Datu Labayon, Municipality of Arakan, North Cotabao, Island Mindanao, Philippines and another (1) one hour of trekking going top of Matigol Falls plus an additional (2½) two and half hours lies at the bottom of Bani Water Falls.




    As local traveler’s grows overcrowding has plagued most of the known falls in the country. Cotabato’s spots, although spoken about in whispered tones, have seen its share of hardcore flow of water who welcome its rustic ambience, unlimited road network to walked with, unexplored fall and the absence of people crowds.


    The emerald rugged falls location gives it three things:

    –     Great trekking potentials
    –     Fabulous scenery panoramas
    –     and Absence of Crowds.


    We and my travel companions (Louie Bryan Mirafuentes Lapat, Leo Timogan, Keir Ashley C. Lim, Sarah Razeli) conquer the BaniFalls with Pride and Sacrifice…


    We all dare explored, discovered, climbed and delve the depths in reaching the falls. This water fall is composed of five major cascading drops and each of them has a basin in the center that acts like natural pool.


    The entire (more than 6 hours) trekking occurrence you can experience and see the beauty behind the fabulous scenery of greens with an astounding height of approximately 500 meters (from top to bottom) you can see while on walking the almost 21 kilometers.


    The good thing about this waterfall is that you can enjoy taking a splash in one of its basins and going below the water drops for a soothing massage at bottom of the falls and also you can drink the water as fresh purified.


    Ended, if you are just contented on sightseeing and picture taking on the landscape, there is a perfect spot where you can sit there for as long as you want and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the whole water falls in front of you.




    The Journey


    June 17, 2012

    02:00am…. Departure from Tagum City to Davao (P 110.00 air)
    05:40am…. Departure from Ecoland Terminal, Davao City via Rural Transit Bus (P 100.00 non-air)
    07:30am…. Stopover for a Breakfast at Barangay Marilog, Davao City (P 60.00 in restaurant)
    07:45am…. Arrived at Barangay Datu Ladayon, Municipality of Arakan, North Cotabato (P 50.00 biscuits and breads for the community and P50.00 via single motor)
    08:10am…. Arrived at the community Sitio Inamong and met Datu Sario Dyunog, one of the Barangay Kagawad and Committee Chair on Peace and Order (P 25.00 entrance fee)
    08:35am…. Start trekking and we reached at the Top of the Matigol Falls in Sitio Matigol, Barangay Ladayon, Arakan Valley
    01:00pm…. Lunch Time at the Bottom of Bani Falls at the last station 4th level of the falls at Sitio Inamong (P 60.00)
    2:30pm…. Trekking back to community of Sitio Inamong
    04:00pm…. Back to Barangay Datu Ladayon (P 50.00 single motor)
    04:30pm…. Travel back to Davao City (P 80.00 via van)
    06:40pm…. Arrived at Ecoland Terminal, Davao City and Dinner (P 55.00)
    08:45pm…. Arrived at TagumCity (P 54.00 aircon via vip pass)




    Words and Photos by Edwin B. Lasquite, MM