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    The Paintings and Life of Charlotte


    Today, we got Charlotte Bangcot to talk about life and art. It’s amazing to take our eyes in a ride that’s about to dwell with artist’s genuine passion. And it’s more than following talented Davaoeños, but spotting who they truly are.


    charlotte bangcot painting 11


    Please introduce yourself.


    I am Charlotte M. Bangcot. I grew up an only girl in the family with three brothers. I grew up in Calinan, Davao City with my poor, imperfect family. Because of that, I learned to dream big at a very tender age. Every struggles I had experience when I was young until I grew up made me intellectually and emotionally mature. But that doesn’t mean that I have no room to learn more essential things in life to improve myself.


    What was that turning point in your life?

    I could still remember during my high school days when I have several absences because I don’t have baon and money for transportation. But that did not discourage me to pursue and finish my study. I love learning and being in school because it makes me forget of my problems at home. I sometimes envy my classmates who are so lucky to have complete things for school, have cellphone, new pair of shoes and uniform while I… never mind. I learned to be contented with what I have but never stop aiming high for my future life. I graduated having no fancy food on the table for celebration but I did not mind that because I can understand what my parents can only give that time. I had no complains. I was just thankful that I graduated and they were present during that moment.


    It took me three years and few months before I was able to study in college. I waited for the chance that my parents could send me to school to get a degree but it did not happen due to financial constraint so I decided to apply as a working student at Holy Cross College of Calinan. The nun granted my application and I was assigned to work as an assistant teacher in Elementary department particularly in Grade 1 class. I was very excited then because finally I was able to study in college. I took AB Literature on my first and second year in school. The work in school was really tough. Among my tasks are cleaning the classroom everyday, assisting students during the class and substituting teachers who are absents. It was maybe tough but it was also a blessing in disguised for it was an avenue for me to discover what profession would like to be, a teacher. I had become so passionate in teaching and happy being with children.

    On my third year in college, I resigned as a working student in the school and shifted my course from AB Literature to Bachelor in Elementary Education. I took tutoring students as my new way to sustain my studies. The salary I get from tutoring children was my source to pay my tuition fees and meet my other needs in order to continue my degree in college. It was a whole challenge for me especially time management between work and studies. There were really times that I really got very tired and less motivated because of hardship. In order to manage it, I kept reading books, collecting motivational quotes and inspirational stories of people who succeeded in their career. I extracted lessons from all of them to inspire myself more to persevere and endure everything until finally I managed to finish my bachelor’s degree through my own hardwork and sweat. I dedicated it to my family.


    Best thing about your life.

    My graduation in college was one of the happiest moments in my life for my hardwork in college was paid off. I passed the licensure examination for teachers and it was another big blessing to me that I was so thankful about. I was teaching at Holy Cross College of Calinan for two years as a preschool teacher.


    charlotte bangcot painting 7




    charlotte bangcot painting 10
    Aside from passion in teaching, what is your greatest passion? Was it something you’ve mastered since college, a hobby?

    I have a great passion in art especially in painting and drawing. Painting for me is an expression of my thoughts and feeling. Painting is more of a therapy to myself because it makes me feel good and happy.


    Ok, we’ve already talked about art, what is your favorite painting that you made, and why?

    This is another acrylic painting. My favorite … I so love this one.


    charlotte bangcot painting 5



    What is your principle in life?

    My principle in life is this : Every test in our LIFE makes us bitter or better. Every problem comes to break us or make us. The choice is ours whether we become VICTIM or VICTOR.
    Here are some of Charlotte’s paintings. Enjoy!


    charlotte bangcot painting 3



    charlotte bangcot painting 2



    charlotte bangcot painting 1