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    If we will be asked to define what life is, most of us will surely say that it is a journey and like a wheel that turns round and round. As the days passed by, we may stumble and fall but the determination to move on continues.


    As we go along, we should open our hearts and minds to all directions that life may offer. There are roads that full of trials and hardships and there are roads that give us a clear picture of success and life’s fulfillment.




    Whatever roads we are taking today, never surrender instead keep your faith no matter what life may offer.



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    Hi, I am Richard Diongson, a lifestyle blogger from the Philippines. I love travelling to different places, trying out different food every now and then. I love social events like gathering of bloggers, themed parties, showbiz personalities gathering, and the like. Four (4) Interesting (little-known) facts about me: A. It may not show but I love farm living. In fact I have farm back in the province. B. I am single. lol C. I don't know how to ride a motorcycle yet but I am very excited to learn now that I have decided to buy a new one. D. I am writer and a social media influencer. Pet Peeves: A. I really find bullying annoying and unacceptable. It is just not right. B. I hate people who don't show up during a scheduled meeting/appointment whether in or out of work. C. People who "get cheap on me".