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    Baking Workshop Happening In The Metro


    I Love Mousse together together with Green Rocks Pastries are teaming up for a  baking workshop this coming June 7, 2014 at Trellis n’ Vines, Davao City. For only P1,500, the participant will be learning basic baking skills straight from chef Llerma and chef Con.


    Ingredients and handouts will be prepared by the chefs which will be used in this fun-filled whole day activity. Each participant will be given a chance to do hands-on training for every recipe to enrich the essence of the class itself. Sharing the chefs knowledge and training to each participant will be the main objective and that is why they will be encouraging questions from everyone in the class.


    I LOVE MOUSSE by conyan


    Getting to know the chefs


    Chef Llerma and her mentor Chef Gene Gonzales
    Chef Llerma and her mentor Chef Gene Gonzales


    Chef Llerma Javier is a bronze medalist graduate of the Center for Asian Culinary Studies in 2008 and have been accredited by TESDA since 2010. She also get invites to judge in various baking contests in schools around Davao from time-to-time and have been participating in bake fairs and food bazaars as well. She is now a full-time pastry chef at her very own establishment, Green Rocks Pastries. Chef Llerma is very dedicated in her craft.

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    Chef Wilcon Reuyan a.k.a Chef Con, is a silver medalist graduate, a 2nd honorable mention of batch 23 at the Most Institute of Culinary Arts, and a TESDA accredited chef, in 2010. He owns ILoveMousse; an online store, and is well-known for his creative mind in cookie making and decorating. He also supplies pastries for some coffee shops and restaurants in Davao.


    Contact Details for Reservations


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    Chef Llerma (GREEN ROCKS PASTRIES) 0932 7055 643 | Chef Con (I LOVE MOUSSE) 0933 2754 936