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    An Infographic Why Life Is Here In Davao City


    DAVAO. Life is Here.
    Davao City is an ideal place for tourism and investment. Davao is one of the best place for business and is the Most Competitive Metro City in the Philippines with the Best Quality of Life by the Asian Institute of Management. Davao always proves that it is a home for productive ventures and endeavors.
    Davao City is environment friendly devoting 17.68% of its land area for forestry and conservation attracting more tourists because of its rich culture, abundant natural resources, forests and wildlife sanctuary.
    The Port of Davao is one of the Philippines’ major seaports alongside Manila, Subic, Cebu and others. The port of Davao is dominated by Container Cargo, Raw Materials, Bulk Cargo, General Cargo and Passenger Traffic. Davao City is also blessed with abundant fresh drinking water from both ground and surfaces.
    Davao City has earned the distinction as the Most Peaceful City in the East and Southeast Asia for a number of years already. Beyond just visiting, Davao has become a place for people seeking for a slower pace, due to its relaxed atmosphere, low cost of living, and numerous recreational options.


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