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Party Playlist With Spotify


I love going out and partying with friends every weekend. But nothing gets me warmed up better than a good sounding track while dressing up and while I’m on my way to the party. I make sure that my phone is filled with infectious tunes that I love. The type that leave me with a serious case of headshaking and hipshaking! Then when I get there, I hear the track again and I’ll go craaaazzzyyyyy!!! Yay!!! 😀


Thank God for Spotify. It is now easy for me to organize my party playlist. Globe offers plans and promos that allows me to use Spotify to the fullest—fueling my party needs with my favorite tunes and allowing me to explore new music.




We have to admit it — while excited going to the party, we’re also tired of listening same blah blah songs circulating on our phone’s built-in storage space and party venue. Right? Just to get you pumped like me, stream through your favorite party songs unlimited before breaking the dance floor. Haha. C’mon. I need y’all to groove! (insert cheesy grin here)


Alright, so enter a wonderful world of music on your mobile with Spotify!


Spotify allows you to listen to your favorite songs, create playlist from 30 million songs including OPM songs and share them to the world anytime, anywhere —even without WiFi or mobile internet! Cool, eh?!


Stream with Spotify at these pocket-friendly rates from Globe.


To register, text the keyword of your preferred offer to 8888. When you register to Spotify Premium, you also get 10MB of mobile internet daily that you can use for social media, surfing, and more!


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