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    Globe Taps E-waste Recycling Recovery Specialist TES-AMM


    As part of its efforts for Project 1 Phone, the country’s biggest mobile phone recycling campaign, Globe has tapped global electronic waste recycling specialist TES-AMM.


    TES-AMM combines state-of-the art technology with in-depth knowledge of environment and waste management techniques to provide reuse solutions and recovery of precious metals of end-of-life electronics such as computers, cell phones, peripherals, and TV sets.

    All the units that Globe will collect through Project 1 Phone will be turned over to TES-AMM Philippines for proper recycling and recovery.

    Through recycling, Globe’s Project 1 Phone hopes to do away with e-waste and lessen the harmful effects on the environment. Old cell phones and their batteries have toxic components such as arsenic, cadmium, lead and mercury as well as plastic parts that usually have brominated flame retardant. These chemicals can intoxicate the environment. GlobePW1