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    Turns Old Phones Into Classrooms With Globe’s Project 1 Phone


    Tomorrow is #ThrowbackThursday and we’re excited!

    What throwback story about your old mobile phone are you going to share this week on FB/Twitter/Instagram? Don’t forget to use the hashtags #TBT and #Project1Phone!

    Remember: Your story can be as simple as a text from an old friend or the last photo on your old phone. Let’s rekindle your relationship with your device.

    We know that part of you will always be attached to your old phones, and even for Globe, they are anything but useless.

    There is a growing need in Aklan for classrooms to accommodate the displaced students after the damage brought about by Super Typhoon Haiyan last year. As a development partner for Aklan, Globe has committed to put up at least 40 school buildings in the area. How? By conducting the biggest mobile phone recycling drive in the country—Project 1 Phone.

    Project 1 Phone encourages people to donate their old phones to Globe, which will, in turn, contribute to the building of new schools in Aklan.7650

    The old phones and devices that Globe will gather shall be turned over to TES-AMM, a leading electronics waste recycler which will take responsibility for at end-of-life products to ensure that they are managed responsibly.

    TES-AMM will, likewise, work on recovering precious metals and plastics from the recycled gadgets, proceeds of which will go to classroom construction.

    Project 1 Phone also aims to educate the public on the harmful environmental impact of e-waste brought about by device disposal. When devices are dumped and crushed by garbage incinerators, they come out as metals like lead, mercury, cadmium, and beryllium, which have potentially harmful effects on the air, land, and water.

    If you want to donate, you can find out how, when and where on this link: http://www.globe.com.ph/globebridgecom/project1phone