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Why Choose IBEX Davao? Coz You Deserve More!


I have been working at IBEX Davao full-time for a less than a year now. The company has given me a lot of opportunities both on career and personal growth.

Why choose IBEX Davao?? Because you certainly deserve more. Premium pay, increasing allowance, extended health benefits plus career advancement and exciting recognition.

IBEX Davao

Premium Pay for Experience

Premium experience deserves premium pay.

Introduce yourself to a world brimming with opportunities and do more than you can imagine. Get more value from your experience and be compensated from day one of training.

Applicant Referral Program (ARP)

Share your success with a friend! Pay it forward and be rewarded by doing so.

Increasing Program Allowance

Hard work equals more rewards.

IBEX acknowledge that you are putting your best foot forward and you deserve to be showered with gifts for that.

Allowance shoots up 5 times in a span of 24 months, increasing on the 3rd, 6th, 18th, and 24th month.

Show your competitive side and enjoy daily and weekly incentives through Performance and Non- Performance related activities. Off the roof program incentives such as the Employee Referral Program (ERP) also offer opportunities to earn more money.

Employee Referral Program (ERP)

Get incentives when you refer your friends!

Be incentivized with P20,000 for every successful hire. For every friend that is successfully hired, you get to earn P10,000 on their third month and another P10,000 on their sixth.

Extended Healthcare Benefits

Your family is our family.

Health Care Program generously covers the hospitalization and check up bills. No need to worry about compromising your life savings nor shelling out excessive amounts of cash.

Up to four family members aged 65 and below are covered. Pre-existing medical history are also integrated so no need to worry for shouldering the expenses. This also conveniently allows you to take them to any major hospital near you.

ibex davao 2

Career Advancement and Training

You deserve a community that will help you grow.

Career advancement program puts your personal and professional growth right on track. Reach your goals through globally recognized goal-setting, training, coaching, and continuous performance feedback.

Fun Events and Recognition

Over 9,000 employees across more than 18 sites, get the front seat to a culture that celebrates collaboration.

“Work Hard, Play Harder!”. Say no to a toxic work environment.

  • VIP Events
    Team Building
    Focus Group/ Monthly Activities
    IBEX Rewards

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Agent positions are available! Never too late to take your career to the next level before the year ends. APPLY NOW!!!

Qualifications: Finished at least 2 years in college or finished a 2-year vocational course. Must have 6 months call center experience.

Fill out the form accurately. Cheers! 🙂

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