Yesterday was the baptism of our Lord Jesus Christ and in our religious calendar, it is the end of the Christmas season hence, the start of the ordinary time.

Christmas 2014 had been a wondrous celebration compared to that of 2012 where typhoon Pablo dismantled a big portion of the Visayas and Mindanao, since then the celebration of Christmas was not stretched to its fullest . Calamities of the past years made celebrating Christmas a bit of sad cause of the distractions and unfortunately, lost of thousands of lives.

Typhoon Ruby and Senyang may had troubled the lives of the Filipinos last year but its aftermath was not as fearsome as the previous’. Surely, Davaoeños have had a great celebration of the past Christmas with their families, friends, loved ones and God.

Who’s up for Christmas 2015? Well, it’s 346 days from now, but while waiting, let’s make everyday a Christmas day through sharing kindness, joy, happiness and love to each and one another.