5 Reasons That Make Duterte Charismatic To His People


    Motorbike Diary features the Davao City mayor in their last week’s episode to find out if the mayor is seeking the presidency this 2016. The answer was not clear nonetheless the episode showed us some of the reasons that makes the mayor charismatic to his own people.

    1. He redefined what it is to be a politician – a public servant who has a mind of his own. Even the MalacaƱang palace was not able able to stop him in implementing an order highly condemned by the Commission of Human Rights. If it calls for the security of the city and the welfare of his people, he does things with or without the favor of the palace.

    2. He says and does things to express himself and not to impress anybody. Sure he cursed and did the dirty finger (in some event) to show his frustration and anger. Some says it is very inappropriate of him, but what is being inappropriate when he was just trying to be himself at the spur of the moment. No pretentions. No sugarcoating. You cannot judge the person solely by his remarks or finger gestures. That is what inapproriate is. Easy to judge.

    3. He takes reaponsibility and accountability for and with his people. He’s serious in his work as clearly showed in the episode. He’s never afraid to reinforce the law no matter who and what is at stake. The mayor said during the interview addressing to the men in uniform and baranggay police to just do their duties. If they’ll be in trouble, he’ll answer for them. If these men will involved themselve to drugs he’ll kill them. They knew that the mayor was not joking. Once the mayor said it, he’ll do it. Under no circumstances his words can be broken.

    4. He knows to give credit where credit is due. The mayor is not just known for reprimanding his people not to invite trouble. He is also known as someone who never forgets to commend. In fact he’s very generous in giving commendation no matter how small the achievements are. He aplauded and thanked the all the baranggay officials and baranggay police for a job well done in keeping the peace and order in their respective baranggay. He said the baranggay tanods are the basic unit in preventing the crime within the city.

    5. People can approach him. His people from all walks of life do not have any difficulties in reaching out to him either to seek help, or just to ask him to take picture with him. Intimidation with this man is not known to his people who knew how down to earth the mayor is. Without hesitation mayor Duterte mingles with people or roams the city with his motorcycle only not in limo, nor in a pajero.

    The local residents, investors, businessmen, and tourists had seen how Davao was transformed over the years. It is a fact that the city could still soar higher than today with him as a frontman. The same will, passion, genuine public service, and discipline, that brought Davao city to the limelight of the world as one of the most peaceful cities, can bring back the lost glory of the Philippines. Whether it’s a “yes” or “no” for him this 2016, Mayor Rodrigo Duterte already won not all politicians could ever have: the heart of the public.