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    Ink-Man Davao: Fuel For Your Printer


    Are you having trouble running out of ink? Are you finding it difficult to get the maximum output from your printer? Do you think your Printer can perform much better if only they are affordable?

    Well. If you are like most printer users, you may have trouble spending more money for an expensive new Cartridge and increasing the risk of global warming every time you are out of ink. This is why it is important to have a specialist to take care of your most important needs. Why don’t we help the world Go Green?

    At Ink-Man, they specialize in the transformation of Affordable Ink & Toner Refilling and Remanufactured Cartridges into its Premium Quality performance. They have the skills and experience to come in and help you:

    1. High Quality Ink & Toner Refill Services.
    2. Affordable Brand New Compatible Ink & Toner Cartridges that is ECO-FRIENDLY. (We have all kinds of ink and toner cartridges).
    3. Printer Repair and Services.
    4. Printing Services – Document printing (Piso Printing), digital Printing, and Large Format Printing.
    5. Printer Sales for HP, Canon, Samsung, Brother, & Epson (Single and Multifunction Printers, Inkjet and Laser Printers)
    6. High quality Bondpapers and Photopapers
    7. Free Orientation on Cartridge and Printer use

    Better still, their entire product and productivity Services are 100% guaranteed.

    Just pick up the phone and call them today for your inquire at (02) 215-4397 / (02) 975-9982-and look for Ms. Maha A. Cheema or text 0922-8905457/ 0923-6350122 / 0917-6284956 / 0947-8903368

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