No one can stop the SummerFrolic fever right now! Thanks to Mati City for providing a very good place to hold the event. To really experience the summer while at Mati, below are the places in the city that you can visit. You wouldn’t want to miss these places while you’re on your way to the city.

1. Pujada Bay

Mati City
Photo Credits to Joji Alcantara

The bay is situated on the Pacific coast of the southern Philippine island of Mindanao. It is an arm of the Philippine Sea in Davao Oriental province formed by the Guanguan Peninsula which separates it from the Mayo Bay on the east and the Pujada Peninsula which separates it from the Davao Gulf on the west.

Pujada Bay borders Mati, the province capital and largest city, with its port and city proper situated at its head. It is entered between Lamigan Point on the east and Tumago Point on the west, with the Pujada Island dividing its entrance into two channels. There are three other islands on the bay namely Uanivan, Oak, and Ivy islands.

2. Subangan Museum

Mati City

If you want to learn of Mati’s rich history and culture you give this museum a visit. When you enter the museum, a Giant Whale Skeleton will welcome you. Through the doors you can find historical and cultural displays.

The Museum showcases a great divergence of rich cultural and natural heritage of Mati City. Furthermore, Subangan serves as a living legacy of the development and transformation of Mati’s people through time featuring diverse achievements and culture souvenirs.

3. The Sleeping Dinosaur Island

Mati City

Not all dinos are dead, there’s one sleeping! When heading to Mati for Summerfrolic, you will pass by the sleeping dinosaur situated at Badas Point, Barangay Dawan. You can hop off and take a photo if you want. The magnificent view of Sleeping Dino Island is one the  reasons photographers and tourists stop over and enjoy the view.

4. Waniban Island

Mati City

Waniban Island is just thirty minutes away from Pujada Island and is one of the most beautiful islands to experience in Mati with its powdery white sand and clear blue and turquoise waters. Unlike Pujada, Waniban is an islet but with huts where visitors can stay.

Sadly, there are no food stores dotted in the islet so before you decide to explore Waniban you have to prepare and bring your own food.

With these you already know where to go before and after the country’s most awaited summer beach party. So what are you waiting for? Go and pack your bags and have fun this summer at SummerFrolic 2015!