Humanitarian Solidarity: Mister United Philippines 2015 Davao Coco Salvacion


It is part of the human obligation to be socially aware and to act humanely as possible. Creating advocacy campaigns, promoting and doing help to our less fortunate countrymen is the known purpose of the Mister United Continent 2015 pageant. This year the pageant will be held at Tanghalang Pasigueno in Pasig City on April 14, 2015 where 38 godly handsome men all across the country gathers to compete for the prestigious four titles.

Mister United Continents Philippines 2015 carries its mission to promote international cooperation with regards to the upliftment of humanity through services with a cause. The pageant’s vision is to bring diverse group of culture to the Philippines from around the world, and to promote the importance of humane service around the world through this prestigious event.

Coco Salvacion 1

As Davao City’s motto is “Love, Peace and Progress” we won’t be defined for scarceness to represent the city. A 25 year old graduate of Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management at Polythecnic College of Davao del Sur, COCO Salvacion Evangelista, worked hard to finish his studies and supported himself to earn a degree. With a big heart for erderly he chooses to support home for the aged, a charity institution that provides care to male and female senior citizens not just by providing them comfortable living but also with psychological and emotional care.

Coco stressed out that grandparents are a gift to be cherished. He also added that he’s thankful to his friends, AOCAI artists, and to his MUCP-DAVAO buddies for helping him making things possible for this cause.

Coco Salvacion 2

It is evident that Coco with the purity of his desire showed care for our elderly which inspires many Davaoeños.

To show support to our very own, Davao’s pride Coco Salvacion, please like his official page as Mr United Continents Philippines – Davao Region. The highest in social media likes will automatically have a place in the top 10 finalists spot.