JB Dajan Balascopo, is a native of Misamis Oriental but have been staying and living in Davao City for the past 3 years. He works as an assistant manager in Davao City’s 5 star hotel, Marco Polo. 3rd among the 4 siblings, JB tends to go to his home town 2-3 times in a year if work permits. Since sleep is illusive in his line of work, he spends most of his 4 days vacation taking long hours of sleep in between his spending quality time with his family at their home. In addition, since he is a home buddy he makes sure his vacation is worth it catching up with his family.

Having finished a degree of BS Information Technology in his home town, he started to be a computer instructor which pave a way for him to travel to Cebu which he had an experience to work as a receptionist, thus, that opportunity  led him to become the most handsome and responsible Assistant Manager of Marco Polo. Aside from these, JB is also into sports such as Men’s Volley Ball and Soccer.

JB is carrying the pride of his home town Misamis Oriental  for being it’s representative to the prestigious Mr. United Continents pageant  were its preliminaries will be held at Tanghalan Pasigeño on April 14, 2015. And as one of his activity in promoting the Mr. United Nations Philippines, he got involved with a number of charity activities, rigid physical work out, stream lined personality development workshops, strict diet, and promotional activities such as radio and TV guestings; and Davao Eagle Online (DEO) was able to book an exclusive up close and personal interview with the bright and hot guy of Misamis Oriental. Here are some of the highlights of the interview….

JB Dajan Balascopo 2

DEO:  How are you preparing for the Mr. United Continent Pageant?

JB: I used to be a bit chubby, that is why I follow a rigid gym training, and I strict low carbo diet to slim down my mid part… Mentally I am adjusting and  conditioning myself that this world is different from a hoteliers world…so  I make it a point to always stay humble and focused in doing the best that I can to prepare myself for the pageant.

DEO: I see, so having said that, how strict is your training?

JB: I work out 3 times a week, eat less rice and I am more on veggies and read meat..

DEO: How much water do you take in a day?

JB: I often finish one litter a day..

DEO:  Do you drink alcoholic beverages?

JB: Occasionally yes… but I often prefer drinking tea or coffee (smiles) since I need to be awake most of the time during  my night shifts at work… but if  I go out at night with my friends I prefer hard drinks than beer.

DEO:  Do you smoke?

JB: No, not at all.

DEO: I see, by doing so do you think you are a good example to the youth, living a healthy life style?

JB: As much as I can, I wanted to be a good example to my  younger siblings and to the younger generations as well, especially now that I will be competing for the Mr. United Nations Philippines.

DEO: What part of your body do you think needs more improvement?

JB:  My abs… I need to tone it further.

DEO: What part of your body you think is the most vulnerable?

JB: Legs

DEO: what is your fave part of your body?

JB:  My eyes and Lips (bit his lips and smiles)

DEO: what part of your body do you think others would consider sexy?

JB: (Laughs)… Eyes & Lips… most people say I have a pair of tantalizing eyes and really natural red kissable lips.

DEO: Do you get 8 hours of sleep in a day?

JB:  In my industry, sleep is illusive to most hoteliers, so I don’t’ usually get  the complete 8 hours sleep that is why I always take  power naps as often as I can.

DEO: I see, talking about sleeping, what is your fave sleep wear?

JB:  hahaha… hmmm… boxers.

DEO:  What is the last thing you do before you sleep?

JB:  Check my Phone

DEO:  What is the first thing you do once you wake up in the morning?

JB:  Check my Phone…(Smiles)

DEO: what are the things you can’t live without?

JB: I am asthmatic so… it would be my inhaler.

DEO: what is your outlook in life?

JB: I think is safe to say I am an optimistic… I know that we can never please everybody… so I always make it a point to be myself… to me attitude and wit is way better than the physical beauty.

JB Dajan Balascopo 5

DEO:  Now the pageant is just around the corner, how do you think you can handle the pressures and criticism of other people?

JB: Just like a diamond… a diamond is rough and ugly at first but it goes through a lot of cutting and burning and pressure before it becomes a very expensive jewel…. I always consider struggles and pressure in life as a part of my process to bring out the best in me. .. Every morning when I wake up… I always take in consideration the things that make me happy.

DEO: So what makes you feel successful?

JB:  success is not about achieving your objectives… it’s like, win or lose…. As long as I have done the best that I can… and I am happy with what I am doing. … I think that is success for me.

DEO:  What is your most memorable, happy moment in your life?

JB:  Hmm…. I guess that will be when my brother and my mom reconciled… after having had a misunderstanding for a long time.

DEO: Well that’s good to hear that….now let me ask you what is the first part of a woman’s body do you notice first?

JB: I look at the face first.

DEO: What turns you off?

JB: dark and dirty armpits… (Laughs)

DEO: What turns you on?

JB:  A woman with long legs with a very encouraging, concern and compassionate personality..

DEO: What is you ideal date?

JB: well as a child my mm refuses me to ride carousels and merry-go-rounds…. That is why I like togo out on a date and riding one is one of our romantic itinerary. .. Maybe that is also the reason why I always appreciate movies or TV series with such scenes too.

DEO: What is your ideal girl?

JB:  well she have to be smart….   The rest will follow… (smiles)

DEO: Are you dating someone special right now?

JB: (Laughs) I’m Single… to busy with work… It may be too unfair for a girl if I can’t find time for her because of work.

DEO:  What kind of clothes do you think brings out the sexiness in you?

JB: V-neck shirts

DEO: Boxers or Briefs?

JB: Briefs (smiles)

DEO:  What makes you different from the rest of the contestant of the MR. United Nations Philippines?

JB: Asside from having an optimistic and positive attitude, I am confident to say I have the brains.. being witty and street smart often gets the attention of many easily.

DEO: I’m down to my last three Questions… can you name me 3 female artists that you find sexy?

JB: Angelina Jolie, Charlize Theron and Anne Curtis

DEO: can you name me 3 male artists that you find sexy?

JB: Brad Pitt, Goerge Clooney and Xian Lim

DEO: Using just body language, how do you let the other person know you like them?

JB: (Smiles) I just Smile… they say my smile is captivating

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