We can really feel the summer heat enticing us to crave for a trip! Well,

Davao Tourist Spots

got your craving for heavenly fun-covered. From Nature-indulgence to Beach-revel, everything is here for you to enjoy Davao!

Try out these 5 Places to visit while in Davao and experience the lifetime experience of

Excitements, Relaxation, and Surprises!

#1. Dahican of the Far East

Davao Tourist Spots
Photo Credits: Steven Stephen

Mati City‘s pride, the seven-kilometer Dahican Beach offers you a good surfing ground and a fine spot for summer fun! It is also the venue of one of the country’s biggest beach party, SummerFrolic, where party animals and tourists use to enjoy the euphoric beats and waves happening at the beach.

Davao Tourist Spots
Photo Credits: Steven Stephen

With the beach’s soft white sand, you will surely love the breeze of the sea and the authentic cuisines made available by the resorts along the beach line.

This is one of Davao’s tourist spots that has been hailed by tourists for being a refine beach and waves good for surfing.

Trip Guide:

If you’re from Davao City, you may try to take a Bus trip routed to Mati City at Davao City Overland Transport Terminal. It will take a 5-6 hours ride. But if you’re planning to take a fast route ’cause you can’t take excitements, you may try to take a Van routed to Mati City that will take 3-4 hours trip. When you hop off at Mati City Terminal, ride a tricycle to Dahican Beach.

#2. Steam Yourself at Mainit Sulfuric Hot Spring and Falls

Photo Credits: TheTravelTeller.com

When you feel so tired of the works and projects you’ve been long doing and seek for a good place to relax and unwind this summer, Mainit Sulfuric Hot Spring Falls is the best place for you.

Away from the busy cities and close to nature environment, surely you will enjoy the relaxing sensation that fills your soul at Mainit Hot Spring.

Situated in Municipality of Maco, Compostela Valley, Mainit Sulfuric Hot Spring Falls is one of the province geological attractions. The province is also the home of Mt. Leonard Kniazeff, one of the identified 22 active volcanoes in the country.

This one of Davao tourist spot, in compared to man-made or natural hot springs pools, Mainit Sulfuric Hot Spring is a steaming falls and if you want to experience the healing miracle of the hot spring, don’t worry it won’t require big budget allowance. Cheap stores and accommodation facilities are built near the falls.

Trip Guide:

From Davao City, you may ride bus or van going to Tagum City. From there you can hop on a jeep, bus or van routing to Massara and tell the driver to drop you off at Mainit Hot Spring. They already know where to drop you since it’s the most popular tourist destination in the area.

#3 Nature Engagements at Kapatagan Valley

Davao Tourist Spots
Photo Credits: OutOfTownBlog.com

Kapatagan Valley is the right place to loosen up all your heavy workloads and enjoy the nature bliss.

The place has lots of resorts and amenities that will satisfy your cravings for a nature adventure.

There’s Mount Apo Highland Resort, home of the famous Lake Mirror. Mount Apo Civet Farm offers fresh organic vegetables and Kublai Milan’s Agong House.

You can also meet local ethnic tribe, known as Bagobo Mindanaon, at Tibolo Village. Experience the culture and tradition of the natives in this one of Davao tourist spots.

Trip Guide:

Hop on a Bus routing to Digos City at Davao City Overland Transport Terminal. When you reach Digos City, I tell you, the best way to reach Kapatagan is thru private transport. You can hire a public van from Digos going to Kapatagan Valley.

#4 Ethnic Culture and Traditions Preserved At its Best 


Check out Ang Tribu Bagobo Woodlands Upland Resort, which is a perfect place to unwind for its quiet and relaxing atmosphere. Known for its well-preserved natural resources and culture, ATBW has been a sanctuary for nature lovers and people who need a getaway from the stressful environment at work and urban pollution. Others also consider it as their home away from home.

This culture and nature-rich paradise is located at Sitio Mahayag, Brgy. Binaton, Digos City.

Trip Guide:

Get a public bus or van to Digos City at Davao City Overland Transport Terminal. When you’re already there, a private transport is best to get to the location. Good thing, ATBW offers transportation services with their resort van. Just contact their resort manager for cottage and room reservations and transportation.

#5 Find Your Self at Tuke Maklang

Davao Tourist Spots
Davao Tourist Spots that really amazed both foreign and local travelers. Photo Credits: Tuke Maklang Beach Resort

Tuke Maklang is one of the best Davao tourist spots for leisure and relaxation. Situated at the tip of the Davao Region, Tuke Maklang provides you an exile-liked experience away from the smoking metros. The serene shore and pristine waters of turquoise green make you relax and just enjoy the easy breeze of the orient sea.

Davao Tourist Spots
Photo Credits: Tuke Maklang Beach Resort

Tuke Maklang is located between Olanivan Island and Balut Island in Sarangani, Davao Occidental. The beach resort offers rooms for an overnight stay for a very reasonable price. They also have open cottages which you can rent for Php. 100.00.

Aside from it’s cheap amenities, they also have volleyball courts along the shoreline and jet ski which can be enjoyed by your friends and families. You may also try kayaking and boat riding.

You can experience this one of Davao tourist spots for only Php. 10.00 as entrance fee.

Trip Guide:

The most convenient place to reach Tuke Maklang is riding a ferry from Sarangani Bay. From Monday to Saturday, ferries depart from Lion’s Beach (Queen Tuna Park) or Puting Bato Wharf, Barangay Calumpang in General Santos City, reaching Mabila, the town center on Balut island, in 6 to 8 hours and from there you can take a boat ride to the Island.

Indeed, the region has bagged everything for you to choose from. Davao tourist spots are in different varieties that provide you a wide range of options and will make you say “Can I choose everything?”

So what are you waiting for? Get your things ready and enjoy Davao Tourist Spots at its best!