Davao Urban Fighting Championship, DUFC, is Davao’s premiere amateur mixed martial arts league in Mindanao. It will be featuring skills, unique fighting styles and personal lives of Davaoeño mixed martial artists. A program that aims to seek homegrown fighters and produce big names that will represent Davao and Mindanao. DUFC will also be shown through out the world by a Davao MMA Documentary or the Mindanao local MMA reality show on Mindanao Travel Channel.

Davao Urban Fighting Championship 1

Davao Urban Fighting Championship 9

DUFC is open to all interested participants. Professional mixed martial artists aspirants who are 18 to twenty-eight years old, physically fit to participate and have undergone martial arts training of any discipline. The program will be FREE to all interested participants as long as the age, health and training requirements are met.

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Davao Urban Fighting Championship 2

DUFC Qualifying Fights will be held at iFlex Fitness Gym located in Ma-a, Davao City. It shall be carried out in an amateur mixed martial arts competition (complete with safety measures such as head gear, mouth piece and groin protector). Competing participants shall also be required to wear sando shirts during the qualifying matches.

Qualifying matches will only be an one-four-minute-round against other aspirants. Pairing shall be done through draw lots with all other aspirants who will be categorized by weight category: Flyweight (124.0 lbs to 139.0 lbs), Lightweight (140.0 lbs to 154.0 lbs) and Welterweight (155.0 lbs to 170.0 lbs).

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Those who are willing to participate must fill up a registration form which is available at iFlex Fitness Gym, Ma-a, Davao City.

Scheduled Qualifying Rounds: Q7: March 8, 2015, Q8: March 22, 2015, Q9: April 5, 2015, Q10: April 19, 2015, Q11: May 17, 2015, Q12: June 7, 2015, Q13: June 28, 2015, Q14: July 12, 2015, Q15: September 6, 2015, Q16: September 20, 2015, Q17: October 4, 2015 and Q18: October 18, 2015.

 Davao Urban Fighting Championship 10

An aspiring fighter needs to win 3 fights to advance for the DUFC Fight Night. Schedule for DUFC Fight Nights: FN1: May 2, 2015, FN2: August 8, 2015 and FN3: November 21, 2015.