Dave Ken Cabrillos, is a part-time Hotel and Restaurant Management Instructor in one of the most popular universities in Southern Mindanao. Dave is representing the Digos City in the prestigious Mr. United Continents Pageant were the preliminaries will be held on April 14, at the Tanghalan Pasigeño in Pasig City.

Dave loves to watch romantic comedy movies, and spend quality time with his friends in coffee shops around the metro. He see himself as an idealistic kind of person that is why  his outlook in life is greatly affected by romantic comedy or feel good movies. Dave, loves to an upbeat, happy and fun loving person, which even his friends would agree to that fact. In addition, Dave is into arts such as dancing, acting, drawing, and painting.  Second sibling of four, Dave loves to dig out pork chops with Tabasco… at time he loves spicy food. He loves to listen to love songs, though he claims to be a frustrated singer.

Davao Eagle Online was given a chance to know this dashing lad from Digos City up close and personal. Below are some of the parts of his conversation with us.

Dave Ken Cabrillos 1

DEO:  How are you preparing for the Mr. United Continent Pageant?

Dave: It’s actually my first time to join a National Pageant that is why I motivate myself, since most of the candidates are veterans in joining such prestigious pageants.  I go to the gym 2-3 times a week and follow a strict diet low on carb and high in protein.

DEO: Do you take Supplements?

Dave:  Yes I do.

DEO:  Do you drink alcoholic beverages?

Dave: occasionally…if I go out at night with some friends.

DEO:  Do you smoke?

Dave: No…

DEO: I see, so you are a good example to the youth now a days?

Dave: I believe it’s one of my missions as a college subject instructor, to make sure to be a good example to the youth.

DEO: Do you get 8 hours of sleep in a day?

Dave:  Before no, because the busy schedule at work and the promotional activities of the pageant, however, now that the school year has ended, I tend to get more sleep as I used to have before.

DEO: I see, talking about sleeping, what is your fave sleep wear?

Dave:  hmmm boxers. (Smiles)

DEO:  In a few days the pageant will start, how do you think you can handle the pressures and criticism of other people?

Dave: I remain humble and optimistic as always, I consider criticism as a positive way to improve myself to have a better me.

DEO: So what makes you happy?

Dave:  when I am able to do well in every task I do.

DEO:  What is you most memorable, happy moment in your life?

Dave:   I guess it would be have to be a part of this prestigious pageant (Smiles)

DEO:  What is the first part of a woman’s body do you notice first?

Dave: The curves.

DEO: What turns you off?

Dave:  Dirty uneven toned skin and a weirdo attitude.

DEO: What turns you on?

Dave: Clear, Smooth and even toned skin… and a caring and thoughtfully sweet person

DEO: What is you ideal date?

Dave:  Candle lit dinner in a garden.

DEO: How do you define love?

Dave: Love is an oasis of the heart that can’t be measured the caravan of the mind…

DEO: hmmm. Deep….so are you dating someone special right now?

Dave: (Laughs) yes, I am taken

DEO:  How’s the relationship doing?

Dave: so far… so good… we are in a long distance relationship. (Smiles)

DEO:  Really? And don’t you have a hard time with that? … You know Trust ISSUES and the likes?

Dave: It’s actually I a choice we both have to be in a long distance relationship, but trust somebody, you have to think of KARMA. You wouldn’t do the things you don’t want others to do to you right?

DEO: That’s correct….that seems to be a reasonable point of view…now, let me know what kind of clothes do you think brings out the sexiness in you?

Dave: I just like wearing simple round neck shirts and jeans

Dave Ken Cabrillos 4

DEO: Boxers or Briefs?

Dave: (smiles) Briefs.

DEO:  What makes you different from the rest of the contestant of the MR. United Nations Philippines?

Dave: despite that I am a newbie in a National Pageant like this, I think it would be my confidence to face the challenge and compete with the rest of the candidates that are all somewhat veterans in this world of all male pageants.

DEO: I’m down to my last three Questions… can you name me 3 female artists that you find sexy?

Dave: Sarah Geronimo, Toni Gonzaga and Angelina Jolie.

DEO: can you name me 3 male artists that you find sexy?

Dave: Derek Ramsey, Carlos Agassi and Zanjoe Marudo

DEO: Using just body language, how do you let the other person know you like them?

Dave: (Smiles) a simple smile will be sufficient …

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