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    Famous Jockeys Joining SummerFrolic 2015 Event

    Part 1 of 2 parts


    It’s the season again of people dancing under the summer sky with music and the waves of the sea water rushing through the shore. The long wait is over! The annual summer party is here. Just days to count and you’ll experience it once more, the experience of a lifetime. The SummerFrolic experience!

    Famous local and international disc jockeys will be entertaining the crowd with their signature sick beats. To name a few check below.

    Summerfrolic 2

    1.  Ron Poe, the Styles Entertainment faddy turntablist and Manila’s hottest hip hop mash-up artist, will be joining the event. He can turn up the crowd with his versatile DJ skills with catching hip hop beats. He will surely make you dance more.

    Summerfrolic 3

    2. DJ Mars Miranda, the hot guy disc jockey, well known in mash up beats that brings good vibe to the crowd will be dropping his beats too.

    Summerfrolic 83. Joining the list is Katsy Lee. She is the youngest and the first female champion of the Pioneer Philippines Digital DJ battle; ranking fourth in the Asia-Pacific finals. That’s pretty awesome for a hot chick like her. And not only that, she had been playing in different venues across the country and internationally.

    Summerfrolic 14. WeRWolvz a rockstar look-a-like dj duo from the US will be playing too. They have the influence to energize the crowd with their aggressive beats and unsynchronized head banging thing for a warfare of boredom.

    Summerfrolic 95. Deuce will be showcasing her beats too. Her seductive sound beats will certainly make the crowd spinning for more.

    Summerfrolic 46. Funk Avy, known as the Metro City’s “King of Mash-Up and Electro” will be joining too.

    Summerfrolic 67. Joining as well the youngest finalist and the champion of the RED BULL freestyle competition in Baku, Azerbaijan Carlo Atendido, beating 12 other contenders all over the world.

    Summerfrolic 79. Jenil, one of the youngest fast rising dj in the country with his reputation of consistency to drive energetic crowd will be present too.

    Summerfrolic 510. One of the most influential disc jockeys in the country, Marc Marasigan, will hype up the party too. Once this man is on the set expect to rain an upbeat mixes.

    Summerfrolic 1111. Jet Boado, the 2010 “DJ of the Year” will be partying too with his signature sets of scratching and creative skills.

    Summerfrolic 1312. Master Elmer Dado & Gruppo Triballe know for their combination of house music with live percussion will be present too.

    Summerfrolic 17 Summerfrolic 1213. Khai, one of the hottest talented female disc jocks of the country together with Jennifer Lee (former member of VIVA HOTBABES) will be adding more life to the party as well.

    How’s that for a one of a kind beach party people? We still have a lot of disc jockeys to join the party. Well, they will surely make you shake your booty go and get wild. This will be a jammed pack party event of the year that you don’t want to miss.

    To be continued…