Francisco Bangoy International Airport or commonly known as The Davao International Airport has daily direct flights to and from all major cities in the Philippines and in the world. It is the busiest airport in Mindanao with a single 3,000-meter precision runway.

The airport is a 15-minute ride from the downtown area. Metered taxicabs are available and flagdown rate is P40. Minimum fare for a public utility vehicle (multicab and jeep) is P8.00. GrabTaxi mobile app also offers convenient way to call a cab in city.

Time zone is PST (UTC+8hours).

Clothing is very casual. Informal clothing is acceptable almost everywhere except when visiting a church or mosque. For formal occasion especially in government offices, the traditional barong tagalog is recommended. Most establishments such as offices and restaurants impose dress codes strictly and consider it improper to wear shorts, slippers and sleeveless shirts.

Photo by Clemme Tabanao Cane
Photo by Clemme Tabanao Cane

There is an existing Anti-Smoking Ordinance in the City. Smoking is prohibited in public places such as government offices, hospitals, markets, terminals and malls and inside public utility vehicles and taxis. In hotels, bars, and restaurants, smoking is allowed only in designated areas where the only activity being done is smoking. People are also not allowed to smoke in public gatherings such as concerts, rallies, parades and other gatherings. Amended liquor ban starts at 1am until 8am that prohibits business establishments from selling and serving liquors and other intoxicating substances. There is a strong enforcement of laws on traffic, speed limit, anti-littering, anti-vandalism, anti-discrimination among others.

Major international credit cards are accepted in most establishments. Tipping may not be necessary but nonetheless appreciated.

Most government offices operate Mondays through Fridays from 8am to 12 and 1 to 5pm except for frontline service agencies that need to operate 24/7. Most banks are open from 9am to 3pm except for banks inside mall establishments.

Davao Cebuano is the most widely spoken language in the city. English is the medium of instruction in schools, and widely understood by residents. Aside from Davao Cebuano, Tagalog, Chabacano de Davao, and Mindanao tribal languages such as Manobo and Mandaya are also spoken.

If in doubt or facing emergency situations, dial 911 (for landline phones, Globe, TM, Talk N Text and Smart users). No fees will be collected.

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