Coco Salvacion Evangelista, is one of the lucky men of the city who was given the chance to represent his home town, Davao in the prestigious Mr. United Continents of the Philippines. The said pageant will have its pre elimination on April 14, 2015 at the Tanghalan Pasigeño, Pasig City.

The 25 years old Coco is a graduating BS Hotel Restaurant Management Student. He loves to play basketball, swim and stays fit by going to the gym 2-3 times a week. During his free time, he loves to go out and watch movie with friends and at time, stay at home and read books. Coco developed his passion for reading since he received a book as a gift from a friend entitled the Medallion: Covenant of Life.  The eldest among the 2 siblings, Coco is described by his friends as a hyper active person who loves to make others laugh, an energetic and very cheerful person. Though he has mixed emotion with his journey to Manila, he see to it that he stays focus in getting at least one of the top 5 ranking in the pageant and bring the bacon to his beloved Davao City.

As one Coco’s activity in promoting the Mr. United Nations Philippines, he got involved with a number of charity activities, rigid physical work out, strict diet, and promotion activities such as radio and TV guestings; and Davao Eagle Online (DEO) was able to book an exclusive up close and personal interview with the hottest guy of Davao. Here are some of the highlights of the interview….

Coco Salvacion Evangelista 3

DEO:  How are you preparing for the Mr. United Continent Pageant?

Coco: I follow a very strict physical workout and diet to keep myself in shape. I also find the time to read         books so that I can keep my mind busy too so that I will get too nervous about the pageant.

DEO: I see, so having said that, how strict is your training?

Coco: A very rigid 7 days work out.

DEO: Do you take Supplements?

Coco:  Nope, because I am allergic to Whey Protein it gives me a lot of pimples.

DEO: Of course, that is the least you need right now since the pageant  is just around the corner.  So, how much water do you take in a day?

Coco: A lot…

DEO:  Do you drink alcoholic beverages?

Coco: Occasionally, but I am more of a tea drinker.

DEO:  Do you smoke?

Coco: Nope, not at all.

DEO: Well that’s good at least you are a good example to the youth now a days. I assume, living a healthy life style is one of your advocacies too?

Coco: Yes definitely, I want to inspire the youth to also engage to a healthy way of living.

DEO: Do you get 8 hours of sleep in a day?

Coco: Unfortunately, no, because I manage an agricultural business aside from my studies, at the same time, I also need to keep my commitment in my advocacy activities and ensure I am always present in any promotional activities of the pageant.

DEO: I see, talking about sleeping, what is your fave sleep wear?

Coco:  hahaha… hmmm… I wear a comfy air fresh boxers and a tank top.

DEO: how many pillows do you have?

Coco: (Smiles)… A lot…

DEO:  I see… I guess you love to cuddle that is why you have tons of pillows… Anyway, now that in a few days the pageant will start, how do you think you can handle the pressures and criticism of other people?

Coco: I simply ignore it… I actually will just use it as a stepping stone for me to improve myself more. I am a person who is very positive. I rarely entertain negative issues in my live.  I always find ways to stay positive in life and be happy.

DEO: So what makes you happy?

Coco:  When I spend quality time with my family… that is why I then to be sad if ever I get away from my family for a long period of time too.

DEO:  Well I agree… I believe all of us would feel the same way.  The Fact that you are a very positive person, can you name me one person who had inspired you the most in your life.

Coco: That would be my mom, after being separated with  my dad, my mom word so hard to give me and my younger brother to have a good education and she raised us well.

DEO:  What is your most memorable, happy moment in your life?

Coco:  When my mother recovered from stroke… I sacrificed and did a lot of things just to save her life. That is why I am so glad to see her active and healthy again. (Smiles)

DEO:  Well that’s good to hear that your mom was able to survive a stroke… and what you did was really noble… so  I guess your girl will be so lucky to have you… oh, speaking of girls… what is the first part of a woman’s body do you notice first?

Coco: I always go look for a nice proportionate figure.

DEO: what turns you off?

Coco: Flat butt and selfish attitude.

DEO: What turns you on?

Coco: a sweet and responsible person… and I want someone who is business minded just like me.

DEO: What is you ideal date?

Coco: Beach side dinner with rose petals all over the place and a candle lit dinner…(smiles)

DEO: How do you define love?

Coco: Love is unconditional, patient, and pure towards your partner…

DEO: Are you dating someone special right now?

Coco: (Laughs) nope… Zero. I’m a home boy and I rarely have a night life..

DEO:  What kind of clothes do you think brings out the sexiness in you?

Coco: Body fit shirts and jeans

Coco Salvacion Evangelista 2

DEO: Boxers or Briefs?

Coco: boxers (smiles)

DEO:  What makes you different from the rest of the contestant of the MR. United Nations Philippines?

Coco: I have a very positive personality and I am 110% determined to win.

DEO: I’m down to my last three Questions… Can you name me 3 female artists that you find sexy?

Coco: Angel Locsin, Heart Evangelista and Kristine Hermosa.

DEO: Can you name me 3 male artists that you find sexy?

Coco: Derek Ramsey, Aljur Abrenica and Tom Rodgriguez

DEO: Using just body language, how do you let the other person know you like them?

Coco: (Smiles) wink my eyes and then Smile…

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