DAVAO CITY’s streets was at freeze as New People’s Army (NPA) Commander Leoncio “Parago” Pitao and about 10,000 of his people in red marched to his last stop last July 10, 2015.

Leoncio "Parago" Pitao Photo Credits: BayanUSA.Org
Leoncio “Parago” Pitao
Photo Credits: BayanUSA.Org

The cloudy skies seems to mourn for the death of the revolutionary hero and the momentary walk of thousands of people coming from different places in the country who sees and walks with him in grief had marked history in the city.

Parago and the revolution
Photo Credits: AsianCorrespondent.com

Commander Parago Sandoval, as known by the people, in his 37 years in the revolutionary movement had made a name for being a good leader to his people and promoting peace and equality through armed struggle.

Parago and the revolution
Photo Credits: Karlos Manlupig for ABS-CBN News

Ka Parago, during his life, has been combating logging and mining that pillage ancestral domains of Lumads in the outskirts of Mindanao and devastates natural and agricultural resources. He has also catches attention when news comes that he had disarmed police and military men.

He had made noise when he captured Army’s highest ranking official Gen. Victor Obillo. He was captured and released by the year 2002 through the power of peace talks.

Despite of the negotiations during the peace talks, he continue to capture armies and polices. He then become an eye for the military group.

In 2009, his daughter Rebelyn was abducted, raped and brutally killed. He comes out on TV’s and Medias and here, people sees how a loving father griefs for the brutal activity gotten by her daughter and realizes that the revolutionaries can surpasses such painful day and continue their armed struggle.

After then, Ka Parago continues his duties as “Poor Man’s Hero” in the mountains of Mindanao.

Mayor Duterte, a close friend of Ka Parago, also sends his sentiments on the death of the guerrilla leader. He visited the wake of the Hero together with Ka Parago’s abandoned wife.

The remarkable death of Ka Parago doesn’t weaken the revolution, instead he becomes afflatus to the revolutionary movement to continue on their fight for genuine democracy and national revolution.

Featured Photo Credits: Karlos Manlupig for ABS-CBN News