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Davao Eagle Online Launches Mobile App


DavaoEagle.com highlights the pride of Southern Mindanao; and introduces local tourism, talents, and current events in the region throughout the World Wide Web. It has also been a virtual hub for people who want to discover Davao and has been giving helpful information about local and international trends since 2012. Last month, davaoeagle.com had its 1,000th post, and website views had passed over 100,000!

So, to celebrate these milestones, Davao Eagle Online has launched a mobile-based system to interact with the readers real-time with valuable information.

davao app
The application will include the freshest content available, and will include the most relevant and most searched topics from DavaoEagle.com website. It is a one-stop destination to know the latest trends and updates about Davao Region and the neighboring cities. It is also designed to give our readers access to important news and interesting topics around the globe.

The app will be broken into four major themes based on feedback: organized posts, profile management, business directory, and forum. The categories are still the same. There will also be “Read Later” links available. So, you can easily return to contents you’ve previously viewed.davao eagle app

The Davao Eagle mobile app was developed by Appbit.IO, a Canadian software development company that builds modular web and mobile application for technology startups and enterprise companies. They aim to provide scalable and reliable softwares World Wide. Founded in 2014 by Michael Angelo Vicente (CEO) and Christopher Tiangco (CTO), both have years of experience in software development and design.

The 15 MB app will initially be available for Android users for free, and is specifically designed for mobile devices. An iOS and Windows version will be launched later this year.

Trends are increasingly moving toward mobile search and browsing. DavaoEagle.Com has around 100,000 views per month. 88 percent of these viewers and readers access its services on mobile phones and tablets.

If the pilot version of Davao Eagle Online mobile app performs well, more features will be added and device types in later incarnations.

The Davao Eagle Online team clarified the stand on not going mobile-only, saying they want to be present in all spaces. A mobile app is at least worth a try, especially considering it’s relatively inexpensive to test. If the app doesn’t work, the existing responsive design website might be a better fit. Either option targets to engage more with readers and viewers, and get in touch with them even when they’re on the go.