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Radiating Greatness Through Experiencing the 20th Regional Youth Conference


People nowadays are limited in realizing the greatness of life because we are blinded by our own worries and anxiety. For us, satisfaction can only be attained by the things we want. Reality feeds us that the world does not give us what we exactly want, but God assures us that He can give the best for us. When we acknowledge God in our hardships, the rough roads we take lead us to the height of greatness.

The immense greatness which the life may bring is sometimes at the least expected moments of our lives. By just following the desires of our hearts, faith brings us where our fate really belongs. Little did I know by just stewarding the talents that God gave me, it allowed me to experience my first Regional Youth Conference in Mati with the theme “Faith Forward” way back in 2012. Sharing one’s talent is also a means to spread God’s messages. I did not only share the talents that I have but I also experienced faith, friendship, freedom, and fun. After that event, I met new people from the different provinces of Southeastern Mindanao. There are great things that I have learned from my experiences which I am still living and holding on to up to now, for those learnings made my faith stronger. Since then, I always looked forward to attending different conferences of the Youth for Christ.

What greatness does the Regional Youth Conference bring? Regional Youth Conference is a conference for the Youth For Christ, a family ministry under the Couples for Christ which aim to bring and become Christ wherever they are. As of 2017, there are 7,242 members all over Southeastern Mindanao who also look forward to the different YFC conferences. This bountiful year of 2017, the 20th Regional Youth Conference with the theme, ‘I Declare’ is set on October 28-29, 2017 at Manga National High School, Tagum City. The 2-day conference is composed of various activities which allow youths to experience God’s love. There are different creative and sports competition where special talents are showcased. Under the creative competitions are bands, dance, spoken word poetry, and couple coordinators’ talent. Many delegates are expected to participate in these competitions because for them, using their talents allows them to glorify our God. Not only that, the conference also prepared multiple workshops where the youths can enhance their skills and where they can discover new learning from the specially designed activities for each workshop. Like the other YFCs, they look forward to joining the Parish Encounter wherein the delegates immerse in their local parishes of the host diocese where the RYC will be conducted. Also, the workshop is an avenue where you can meet new friends from different places.

Asking other YFCs which part of the RYC they like the most, most of them awaits the conference’s sessions and praise fest. The sessions this year is anchored from the bible verse of 1 Timothy 6:12 “Fight the good fight of faith; take hold of the eternal life to which you were called, and you made the good confession in the presence of many witnesses.” Sessions and praise fest enable individuals to reflect on the different topics which aim to bring us back to our faith and relationship with God. These help us to be equipped as we are given the opportunity to have a moment with Him.

The Regional Youth Conference is also an instrument for us, Roman Catholics, to be reminded once again the commitments we have for the church. This is also a manifestation that as YFCs, we should go back and participate to our parishes for the parishes are the communion of communities. This makes the conference help bloom greatness because as we celebrate with one faith, we are being united by the undying love of Christ that we constantly receive in our lives. There is more to this conference which is best to be experienced than just reading this article.

So what are you waiting for? Contact your YFC friends and YFC heads and register now for the upcoming 20th Regional Youth Conference for only Php 500. Make your excitement real as you experience faith, friendship, freedom, and fun in one event. See you there!