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Buy Vice Ganda Concert ticket & win Lifestyle Davao Gift Certificates!


If you have been under anti-social status for quite sometime, please be informed that the famous stand-up comedian and Showtime host VICE GANDA will be in Davao City on July 21, 2012 for a concert entitled "Vice Ganda in Fashion Concert." Vice Ganda who is a regular at the daily noontime talent show, It’s Showtime! is now one of the...

Top 100 Faces of Davao 2012 June Circle of 12


There are hits. There are misses. Check out the climbers and droppers in the final ranking of the “Top 100 Faces of Davao 2012 June Circle of 12 Online Poll!” After 30,597 votes, 19 year-old and a 3rd year Hotel Management Services student of STI Davao College Ke Evin Neithan Ruiz emerged as the winner in this month’s edition of...

Get pampered in Davao


If you enjoy the sensation of being utterly pampered on vacation, find it here in Davao... your tropical holiday destination. Davao has spas, health and wellness facilities that cater to a wide range of market. Thus, no visit is come without a soothing massage and the luxury of being pampered. Some may view this as a mere indulgence, yet is...

Style your vision with fashion


Wearing eye accessories has dramatically gone trendy, especially now that almost everyone puts careful attention into fashion. True, the contact lenses has gained popularity too, but still the very obvious shield (as shades) or aid (eyeglasses) for the eyes are not left behind. Eyeglass manufacturers these days have incorporated fashionable style into practical usage. The eyeglasses today not only serve...

Toms shoes that fits many souls


Many men and women stick to shoe styles that they are familiar with, but it does not take much to diverge from your normal style just that little bit extra to give you that fashion edge. I'm not saying you don't have to change your style totally, just make small incremental steps towards an updated, trendier version of whom...



Have you ever tried “Fashion Dilemma”? Thinking and looking in your dumpy old closet what to wear everyday or afraid of mix and matchin’ cool stuff and accessories to spice up your everday swag? Well, Here are some tips on what’s hot and cool in the fashion world, Boom! Rainbow Splash! Just play what’s on the rainbow closet and it will...

Women & style from man’s perspective


Contrary to what you may think that women loves to be worshipped especially by men, that's for me a no-no! If I may quote my gal pal, "We dress up not for guys but for other girls." So I'd say they follow what the other girl is wearing or they make a colorful statement. And that's not for the guys...

Spice up with colorful dress shirts


Getting more playful with colors is a trend nowadays. Here are good points to consider from my friend Juy Nacorda (and yes dude, this is something we should know). Nothing can perk up a drab and dull ensemble than a bright, well fitted dress shirt. So guys, if you feel out of line amongst your colleagues or want to shake off...