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    Davao: Life is here


    Welcome to Davao City – the perfect place for you! Asiaweek has consistently ranked Davao among the top 20 best Asian cities to live in – for its total quality of life.

    And while Davao has a bit of cosmopolitan flair, it has a lot to offer.


    Davao City has in fact the world’s second cleanest water with Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, USA, claiming to be the best.





    Davao is one of the three areas in the world with 911 Integrated Emergency Response Network. Despite its reputation, crime rate is actually one of the lowest in the world.




    Cost of Living

    Davao City has been hailed the second most livable city in Asia. True, when you live here, you won’t be spending too much; that’s if you are living a normal life.





    With Davao City’s strict and good governance and with city’s prime mayor’s one-of-a-kind love and dedication to public service, this city has now the most peaceful city in Mindanao, or perhaps, in the whole Philippines.




    Davao City’s smoke-free ordinance makes it a healthy place to live in. This is one decree that every city should implement also. Smoking is stalwartly prohibited in public places and lawbreakers are immediately dealt upon once known. Smoking is only allowed in private places such as homes: when one smokes outside his home or territory, he will be penalized.



    Davao season is typhoon free, and enjoys a pleasant tropical climate that hovers around 27-29C. There is no distinct wet and dry season but the urban centre can be humid, so people either flock to the beaches to cool off, or hie to the cool highland resorts.



    Lovely places

    Davao has a lot of wonderful places to offer. It is a resort city with all the ingredients of a successful destination. You have the mountains, the seas, the fruit baskets, the orchids. Enjoy kayaking, white water rafting, river tubing and mountain climbing. Also toast in your choice of seaside paradise: from the ultra exclusive private island to back-packer’s beach hut. You can get pampered at a spa; watch over a capuccino; shop for seriously luxurious hand-made shawls and master-crafted jewelry, batik sarongs; or just chill to livemusic Filipinos are known for the world over.

    Indeed, Davao City is one charming place to be in, so come to Davao with your family. And discover each other. Again.