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    Zabadani Cafe

    Photo courtesy of 13thWitch

    Have you ever gotten the urge to do something unusual, something international? You know, it’s the weekend or even weekdays after work, school or you’re just have to celebrate an occasion and you’re tired of eating at the same restaurants or hanging out with the same people. If this scenario sounds familiar, then I’ve got a great place for you to check out.

    Photo courtesy of 13thWitch

    It’s called Zabadani Cafe. It’s a Iranian/Persian restaurant with halal-licious foods and drink with a touch of something exotic. Colorful drapes, mat on the floor, cushions and pillows.They also offer internet surfing with their computer units for only 10 pesos an hour and free wifi when you order P150 worth of foodies.

    It is perfect to unwind after taking an exam or from a stressful job. The prices are fair.

    Zabadani’s price starts from P20-P50. Their line up of food and beverages represent food from the Islamic World and other culture — Syrian Kebabs, Arabian Samboosak and Kabsa; Gulf Pita Shateerah; Italian Ristretto to Mochachino; Mediterranean Bruschetta and salads; German Teas; Belgian Chocolates; Turkish Ayran (yoghurt drink); Egyptian Hamud, Moroccan Kahlia; Filipino Chicken Adobos and Steaks; Roman Toasts, French fruit and nut syrups, and on and on…

    Zabadani is conveniently located in Door 3, Bustamante Building, Ponciano Reyes Street, Davao City.