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    Stripteeser: the Perfect Tease for the Summer


    It’s already March!!! You know what the season calls for? Graduation! Well that… and it’s also the summer season!


    It’s again the time of the year where the sun tries to emit all its energy to give us that golden-tan/ sun-kissed look that’s perfect for the beach. Did we say the beach? Oh yes. Since Davao City has an outflow of choices of Beach Resorts, you will never run out of a place to go for nice sun bathing and a splash; Or if not, a place to party and have fun with your friends and family.

    Must haves for the summer, you may ask. First thing’s first, a good quality sunscreen to protect your skin from that harsh heat from the sun. We know you like it tan, but red would be awful. Try to get yourself something higher than SPF50+ but SPF30+ would do. Next would be a pair of sunglasses. It actually depends on your taste and style but we like ours classic like the good old wayfarers and aviators.

    But what’s hot for this season? TANK TOPS! Light-weight and sleeveless, it’s perfect for the hot temperature of the summer. And say, you’ve been working out those arms all year round. It’s to flaunt it! Summer is all about skin and skin is what we will give to you. Check out this collection of colorful tankies that we discovered. STRIPTEESER is Davao based brand that exclusively sell this shirts in digital prints. With its unique design, it’s wearable whether on an outing on the beach or just while strolling around downtown.

    Check out these people sporting the newest summer must have.



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