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    Bankerohan Market: Depicting the Social Classes


    Craving for very affordable stylish clothing is anything but easy!


    Bankerohan market is a pool of secondhand or pre-worn imported retail clothes, shoes, accessories and bags sold at their lowest rate. They are relatively identical with the brand new garments and accessories that may be bought in SM, Abreeza or Gaisano Mall.


    sorronda in bankerohan 2


    Bankerohan Market Fashion

    Most of the men in Bankerohan wear clothes they can buy around the portions of the market. Vendors there are wearing one earrings on its left ear. These earrings were varied in terms of design and size. Most of their hairstlyes were exotic and unique, some managed to color their hair and made it look different compared to its original look. Cool, isn’t it? 🙂


    Davao Eagle Fashion will show you what fashion wave hits the city. And it’s more than following a trend, but spotting those who boldly wear who they truly are.


    Photographer: Lyndle Kevin Sorronda
    Model: Jerson Lee Castro
    Location: Bankerohan Public Market