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    Davao Mobile Bar: The Lifeblood Of Your Party


    Having a party? Let the party come to you. Introducing Davao Mobile Bar, Davao City’s undeniably premier mobile bar and beverage caterer.


    They cater sinfully addictive shooters that will make your party truly unforgettable. Picture this: shots of your favorite drink that promises an unbelievably new and exciting experience that will make you forget all of life’s ills. With Davao Mobile Bar, it will take you to the limits of your drinking capabilities – Satisfaction, amusement, and fun a 100% guaranteed.


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    This mobile bar goes to any event such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and any other special occasions. They offer packages that suit your taste as well as your budget. Each package includes two skilled bartenders, a variety of creative and fun drinks, and of course, Davao’s coolest mobile bar.


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    Services also includes, Bartending Show, Bartending Seminars and even organizing Bar Competitions in the area.
    Check THIS LINK for different mobile bar packages to choose from.


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    For more inquiries, contact DMB at (08) 327-1332. You can also visit the Davao Mobile Bar website or join the official Davao Mobile Bar Facebook Page for promos and new services. Cheers! 🙂


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    Photos courtesy of Davao Mobile Bar Facebook Page