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    On A Roll: Kim Gabriel Marfil


    In our aim to appreciate talented Dabaweños here on Davao Eagle Online, we present to you our new graphic artist. Working for illustration, typography and post processing, it’s truly an honor to have this hidden leaf ninja that desires to be the next Hokage of the village, we are proud to write about the guy, Kim Gabriel Manzano Marfil.
    In this interview with Kim, the 21 year old Information technology student of San Pedro College talks about his love in multimedia and words he live by.


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    How do you define Graphic Arts?
    For me, Graphic Art is a way of expressing an idea or thought with the use of images, illustrations and the tools needed with the help of our imaginations and creativity.
    Best thing about being a graphic artist.
    Being a graphic artist is like being a child again because we have the freedom to do the work we want. It never gets tiring because of the love I have on what I do and every day is different.
    When did your knack for illustrations and editing started?
    I already loved drawing since I was a child and I was able to enhance my skills during my second year in college when we had our Multimedia subject.
    What is your inspiration on coming up with a great concept?
    I want to prove myself that I can always be better than yesterday and that I can always come up with great concepts with my imagination and creativity.
    You won a contest for infographics, tell us something about it.
    It was my first contest outside the school and even my first time creating an infographics. The contest was held on January 29, 2014 at Assumption College of Davao. We were given two (2) hours to make the Infographics with the theme “Branding Davao City”.
    When and how did you discover Davao Eagle Online?
    I heard about Davao Eagle through my friend who created Davao Eagle’s website. I really can’t remember when but I guess it was after the website was launched.
    Words you live by.
    Doing good things will not cause bad things.





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