Budots is Back!


The local phenomenon dance craze, which started on 2012 by CAMUSBOYZ, comes back with a twist. Budotz official video by Q-York featuring Philippine All Stars finally hits the mainstream.

Budots is the colloquial for “tambay” which means people with no jobs. So to speak, they have more free time in their hands. The dance step was branded “budots” because the folks who started it were tambays in Barangay Camus Davao City.

Budots dance step is patterned on Badjao’s freestyle dancing. Basically it is a tribal dance with a twist – Badjao’s instrument beat mixed with techno music. This gives birth to another music genre Bistik or the Bisayan Techno.

Uploaded by Q-York Edutainment Youtube Channel, Q-York – Budotz (Official Music Video) featuring Philippine All Stars initially gained more than 4000 thumbs up after it was posted. Hundreds of shares and likes followed on other social media.

The diversity of Davao’s culture and street lifestyle had given us Budots 2 years ago. Now is the time to share it to the world. Budots is truly a certified Tatak Davao!