The 1.2 kilometer bridge connecting Island Garden City of Samal (IGACOS) and Davao City is now under feasibility studies and to be constructed on 2016.

The Davao del Norte Provincial Tourism Council pushes for the construction of the P10 billion Samal-Davao bridge last Monday during the Kapehan sa Dabaw at SM City Davao.

Davao del Norte Provincial Tourism Council President, Araceli Ayuste,  accentuates the construction of the bridge will boost investments in the island especially tourism-related establishments since it is more accessible for tourist to travel to the island.

“Actually 12 years or 10 years ago, I am not into the bridge (project) because I want the island to be separated [from] the mainland. But now we can see that there is really a need to put up the bridge as it is difficult to go to the island during peak season,” Ayuste said.

It has been viewed that the construction will provide solutions to the wharf congestion experienced in Sasa wharf specifically during holidays and summer.


Ayuste also said that the feasibility study of the Samal-Davao bridge had already been started and its investors are optimistic on the project.

As stipulated on the Updated Davao Regional Development Plan (UDRDP), the P40 billion rehabilitation of the Francisco Bangoy International Airport, modernization of the Sasa Wharf and the Samal-Davao bridge are among of its priority projects.