In celebration of the 78th Araw ng Dabaw, Davao Eagle Online launches #GanDavao. Project GanDavao aims to promote the beauty of Davao and to encourage Davaoeños to share their memorable experiences, and show the world what makes a Davaoeño proud. Along with this, we created a campaign called #101ReasonsWhyWeLoveDavao. We are encouraging Davaoeños and netizens around the world to share their own reasons why they love Davao by posting a photo memorable to them.

Please read the mechanics below:

  1. Take a photo of yourself (selfie photo) or with your family, friends, or anyone you like, and caption it with the reason why you love Davao.
  2. You can choose from:
    • a) OLD PHOTO – Upload an old photo taken anywhere in Davao. Complete the line, “I love Davao because _______________.” as caption.
    • b) NEW PHOTO – Take a new photo holding a piece of paper with the reason why they love Davao. It can be a one-word reason.
  3. But before anything else, PLEASE LIKE OUR PAGE and TAG Davao Eagle Online on your post to get counted!
  4. Upload photo with #101ReasonsWhyWeLoveDavao. So that’s #GanDavao and #101ReasonsWhyWeLoveDavao after each post (photo upload).
  5. You can tag anyone you want!!!

Here’s one sample for you:

101 photos will be chosen for the #GanDavao music video and AVP to be released on Araw ng Dabaw.

SHARE AND SPREAD THE WORD!!! Let us tell the world why life is here in Davao!