Welcome to the new generation where hot, steaming, erotic films are suggested by the film makers that should be highly accepted by the society, without moral constraint.

On February 13, 2015 the controversial film adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey, the first of the trilogy novel by E.L. James, under the direction of Sam Taylor-Johnson was released. Rumors had it that the film will receive an R-18 here in the country from MTRCB. Some scenes were even censored after protest from various religious groups that resulted to a limited release. Other countries in the Asia Pacific banned the film due to its strong sexual content and nudity. Some other countries cut the entire scenes that show sexual acts. The film is regarded as the portrayal of BDSM (Bondage and Discipline, Sadism and Masochism) widely known as sadomasochism. It is also known as a highly erotic film of the year.

Fifty Shades of Grey 4

Dakota Johnson (Anastacia Steele) also in (21 Jump Street and Social Network)and Jamie Dornan (Christian Grey) also in (Once Upon a Time as Sheriff Graham Humbert) made the chemistry to the film adaptation from the best selling novel.

So dark, scandalous and shocking. Might wanna braze yourself, even if how devoted you are on your sexual abstinence, after seeing this movie, it will break your best practices plus you might resort to exploring the sexual experimentation in no time to see what’s instore for you.

Fifty Shades of Grey 1

The character Christian Grey the Dominant, a misteriously handsome industrialist billionare who is attracted to Anastasia Steele physically right there and then during the interview, has developed a negative perception of intimate relationships, based on his biological mother’s experience as a prostitute and Mrs. Robinson’s influence before arriving the age of legal maturity. He evidently misses the divine purpose of having an intimate relationship. That explains why he resorted to a singular taste-relationship he only knows exists in his world, a relationship binded by contracts and bondage. It’s an evident of loneliness and tragedy, a defense mechanism. Behaving a morally immature way, he finds it exciting to do so and it also gives him the ego-satisfaction towards sexual stimulation. I consider it as a dark fetish. There are actually many reasons for this new sexual arrangements that favors mostly his kind of a character. Among these are the belief that it is the “thing to do” because it is what is implicted to him, on his past; is afraid of intimate, serious, romantic and emotional binding relationships; is afraid for bigger and serious responsibility and commitments that normal relationships has; and that such arrangement provides security against guilt and shame.

On the other hand, the character Anastacia Steele the practicing Submissive protagonist, virgin (but lost it somehow), an innocent charmingly sweet persona and not to mention a romantic sweetheart as evident of studying English Literature and then later graduated, she has the type of a character that guys will go crazy for. Covering up her roommate’s interview for their college graduation paper article, overwhelmed by the presence of the misteriously handsome billionare guy Christian Grey, and then later expresses to agree into a ligotage relationship for somatosensory. Both somehow led to sexual relationship that includes some sexual practices that Grey desires, and it ended on a part that Anastasia shows abberation towards the relationship after she was shown how serious submission should be and with Grey rankled to her desire for a romantic relationship rather than a purely sadistic sexual connection.

It is evident on this film that men and women’s dignity is not taken into consideration. Even the author of the novel, the producers and director of this film disregards the fact that the creation of this might influenced any individual by bondage and Sadomasochism and cultivate it as a necessity.

Fifty Shades of Grey 2

Though the climax in this movie for me somehow is not the steaming hot sex, but on how Christian Grey slowly loses control over with Anastacia and going crazy about her. though Grey has the capability of showing multiple facade depending on his center of interest or possession (50 shades), he already found his match, what he needed in life and that’s with Anastacia’s. I choose to look at it differently, for me not to be able to focus on the morbid.

But lets not also deviate to the fact that still this movie shows sadistic content (makes me wanna consider that it was cinematically aired 13th day of the month which is a symbol for satanism). This shows immorality and opens up a sense to the viewers that it would just be okay to have such kind of relationships or activity, when its totally not ethically acceptable. This movie is no different to the previous movies namely Friends with Benefits, Love and other Drugs and No Strings Attached, I have watched, just without the red room and the written contract and serfdom for sexual gratification, not to mention the Playboy Mansion in 1990’s that first introduce this stuffs (being tied up or chained, roleplaying and whipped). Suggestive to the kind of a “thing” that it can be morally accepted, when its totally not. It doesn’t mean that someone shows doing it and others will follow, that it can be considered morally acceptable. You will be in spiritual trouble with this way of life and your conscience will always hunt you for it’s not right. There are actually things or practices that people creates out of their curiousity and seeking for pleasurable desires or even out of satanic drive, that failed to check the moral grounds. Not all things we desire people are always right, There are individuals in this generation who prefer alternate lifestyles in attempt to find the close relationship which they have not experienced in their own families or has been badly influenced by something or someone. It doesn’t always support self respect, if what you only consider is what’s pleasurable especially in sexual stimulation. Be mindful, that this possibly is created out of reality, but possibility of the circumstances and character might still be fictional,but still, it’s best and ethical to end up engaging to sexual stimulation with your legal partner bonded in marriage that doesn’t recquire BDSM. Be mindful that “Coitus is an expression of love that reflects the Divine love of God”. Might as well do not mesh around with what everybody knows, comprehend analytically to the new realities the movie wanted to show us that we can learn from. This will always end up, if not, to our consiousness of what is wrong and right, part of it is the morality of sexual activity, grounding on the principles and themes in moral thought, as to ignore the problems of morality is to fail to be fully humans.