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Pridefest Davao: Celebrating Gender Freedom At Its Best!


Calling Davao’s LGBT community out there! The FREEDOM Day is on!

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Together with the Launching of Metro Davao Pride,

Pridefest 2015

an anticipated annual event that celebrates freedom of choice and sexuality. It features gender diversity in the city; Lesbians, Gays, Bisexual, Transgenders, and Straights.

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Pridefest 2015! Featuring Romeo Cavalcante, a Brazilian DJ together with Acropolis Super Club resident DJs Torch Gacuma and Brylle Aguirre.

Pridefest, happening at Acropolis Super Club on March 28, 2015, features the Brazilian hot Dj, Romeo Cavalcante and Acropolis’ resident DJs¬†Torch Gacuma and Brylle Aguirre.

Go Party! Go Free! Pridefest 2015 makes you out and proud!

Davao City is known for its City Ordinance No. 0417-12, also known as Anti-Discrimination Ordinance, that recognizes the existence of the LGBT community and protects them from unlawful discrimination based on their choice of sexuality.

Pridefest 2015 will serves as Metro Davao Pride launching party. Metro Davao Pride would like to build a LGBT community where its members can express their involvement in the society and for people to be aware of their existence.

Metro Davao Pride, a fledgling LGBT community in Davao, is anticipating that this will become an avenue for the LGBTs to come out from their closet and let their identity and existence be acknowledge not only in the city but also around the globe.

So grab your ticket and let out the bursting colors in you!