One of the reasons why the Philippines is blessed is because it houses different groups of indigenous people, and it promotes equality and peace among them. These natives share the same ideology that whatever tribe or ethnicity we come from, we are a part of one, united society.

Kadayawan Festival embodies the harmony of the diverse culture of different tribes living in and out Davao City. During its 30th celebration, Kadayawan Festival made a history once again. As expected, many people from around the world came to celebrate with us.

Pamulak sa Kadayawan (Floral Float Parade)

Davao boasts its rich culture as well as its natural resources. It is known for having the loveliest variety and species of flowers. Floral Float Parade symbolizes the beauty of Davao through its bountiful harvest – a competition participated by different sectors in the city.

Traditional Category Champion, KISAN Lu Lands Inc. (Sun Star)


Non-Traditional Category Champ, Brgy. Kapitan Tomas Monteverde Sr. (Sun Star)



Indak-Indak sa Kadalanan (Cultural Street Dance)

To honor the colorful cultures that represent the Dabawenyos, a cultural street dance competition is being held every year. In this competition, different participants from Mindanao make their way to come and express the gratefulness of their people for a bountiful harvest, through ethnic music and dance presentation. In fact, in the spirit of harmony and friendship, most of the participants travel 3 to 8 hours from their places to Davao City, just to be part of this prestigious event.

Cabantian National High School, Grand Champion (MindaNews)


Davao Today

Hiyas sa Kadayawan

Of course, the celebration won’t be complete without showcasing the indigenous beauty of the 11 tribes of Davao. This pageant aims to promote the culture and tradition of each tribe and preserve their heritage.


Sun Star

Kadayawan 2015 is just another successful story of prosperity, unity, friendship, and equality among the different cultures in Davao. Truly, Davao City embraces diversity and values the colorful traces of our roots and ancestry.