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OLX Activates More Filipinos To Practice The Classifieds Lifestyle


Curiosity buzzed as inquisitive media reps gathered at the recent event for OLX Philippines, the country’s leading online classifieds platform. It was an intimate event between OLX and the media to talk about the changes since the rebranding and their plans moving forward.

RJ David, Co-founder and Managing Director of OLX Philippines and one of the most successful online entrepreneurs in the country, talked lengthily about these changes. “We want to provide win-win exchanges for everyone by giving consumers equal buying and selling opportunities. We also want them to become more madiskarte in buying and selling 2nd hand items online.”

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David added that they have expanded to Cebu and merged with another online classified ads platform to encourage more Filipinos to get into the habit of online buying and selling. Add to these, the improved look and feel of OLX Philippines: faster loading pages, more simplified sell form and an improved report button for keeping spam and scam ads at bay. To provide a fair selling venue and to promote high quality ads, OLX has removed the feedback system and minimized the number of free ad slots.

OLX has also taken a big step by releasing and managing their own content platform called OLX Yaman. Jean Magboo, OLX Philippines Content Marketing Manager, explains, “We’re now more than just a buy and sell platform, OLX is a service that provides an opportunity for Filipinos to make smart and practical choices that can lead to an improved life.”

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On this platform, users will see different content materials about what’s happening on OLX, user stories, and even tips about fashion, travel, tech, cars, and real estate. OLX Yaman can be accessed through yaman.olx.ph.