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Summer Mountain Paradise in the South


Everyone wants an adventurous, fun and memorable vacation during summer. Some would just like to escape the summer boredom and spend a few days at the beach, while others would find a place that wouldn’t just beat the heat, but would also make them feel the real meaning of summer – to unwind. Mountain Paradise Good thing, Davao Region is blessed by nature. For...

Alibaba Shawarma: Happiness in a Wrap


From a humble food kiosk to an independent establishment, Alibaba Shawarma satisfies your craving for good food that is light on the budget. Alibaba Shawarma first started at Felcris Centrale last July, 31st 2015. The store is located in the supermarket area alongside other well-known food stalls. At first glance, you would really be curious to try this new shawarma...

Getting Ready to Frolic this April


1 day to go until the summer experience of a lifetime, the Summerfrolic 2016! Exciting, right? But don’t let the excitement overwhelm you too much because it might result to regrets and unmet expectations. Whether first time party-goers or not, it’s really important to plan ahead to make sure you’ll come equipped with the proper supplies. To those people...

5 Reasons Why the “People March” Receives Less Media Attention


While a lot of Filipino people joined the rally at Quirino grandstand on September 26, 2015 to urge the Davao City mayor to run for presidency, most of the major broadcasting television, radio, and print media pay less attention to this historical event. It is interesting to quote that the said rally marked a new history in the Philippine...

London Buses Promote Davao City and Philippine Tourist Spots


There are so many factors that help boost Philippine tourism. One effective way is through street advertisements in and out the country. Here's another reason why other nationalities, especially our foreign tourists, choose the Philippines. In 2005, the Department of Tourism extended its tourism efforts in the United Kingdom as part of their "Visit Philippines" campaign. This year 110 iconic black...

#makeITsafePH: Are We Really Cleaning Up Our Digital Footprints?


It can't be denied that Filipinos dominate the Digital world. From Social Networking Sites (SNS) to virtual firms, Filipinos top the most number of people active online. In this year's Global Digital report suite gathered by the media company, We Are Social and a social media management platform, Hootsuite, there were more than 67 million Filipino active internet users. It's...

Kadayawan Festival 2016


Kadayawan is an annual Festival in the City of Davao, Philippines. It was originated from the friendly greeting "Madayaw" which means good, valuable, superior and beautiful. It is a celebration of life, a thanksgiving of what the nature gives us such as bounties of harvest and serenity of living. It's a long-week celebration of smiles, yells and cheers to...

KAGIKAN: The Araw ng Tagum Exhibit


On February 23, 2015 the Davao Eagle Online team visited the wonderful city of Tagum for the Opening ceremony of “KAGIKAN: The Araw ng Tagum Exhibit” held at Gaisano Mall of Tagum Atrium. It is in line with the two-week “TRIO” Celebration of the city; the 17th Araw ng Tagum, “Tagumenyo Bisa’g Asa”, and the prestigious Musikahan Festival. As...

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